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Introduction and pledge

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  • anthonybinder
    Hi, some of you i know and some of you might know me - at least by name. At the moment I am desperately trying to stage different information and awareness
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2013
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      some of you i know and some of you might know me - at least by name.

      At the moment I am desperately trying to stage different information and awareness events in Sweden on LVT. LVT awareness in Sweden is more or less nil. I have located a handful of people that have some understanding of LVT, but in much I am trying my best to break new ground completely.

      I came here straight form my winter retreat in Sicily where I spent the winter translating two books from English to Swedish. Down there I met with some remarkable people, among them several politicians, not least from the Movimento 5 Stella, and I promised I would supply them with info on LVT and I hope to be able to develop these contacts to something frutful during the autumn.

      Now - since I got to Sweden I have spent some time just meeting with people from different political organisations, individuals and groups and have so far been talking so some 200+ people and staged 3 informal public meetings on socio-economic issues.

      I now have some LVT event scheduled and will have an informal LVT introduction hosted by Henry Law, that reside in the country, followed by screening of Real Estate for Ransom and some Skype presentation public by Karl Fitzgerald and a 'Food for Tjought' event with a deeper presentation of LVT in regards to infrastructure projects in Sweden and other topical matters.

      I came to Sweden in the illusion I could stage a weekend conference during the Spring, but it proved impossible - the interest was to low - so I need to create interest and this I do with the different social event and coming formal ones - that hopefully will lead to a weekend conference in late September.

      I have funded my worj here with my own money, and I am running seriously short on funds now - so I pledge here for some financial backing. I have rented a small cottage outside of Stockholm and payed in advance and filled it with the necessary supplies, but I would need some £400 to sustain my activities and fund the travel, meetings and costs in relation to the events I create.

      I would appreciate each and every contribution that can keep me going until I have established study groups, ongoing events and a debate on LVT in Sweden.

      Any contributions can be sent by Paypal to anthonybinder@...

      I can not at the moment tape any event, but I hope I can arrange something like that in due time, but I will upload summaries of the events I create here and hope Henry Law can summarize his impressions of the events I have him hosting here as well.

      I would be forever grateful for any contribution that can sustain me the time I need in order to leave a vital debate on LVT in Sweden when I fly away to the next place to mission the case.

      Thank you
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