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Re: J. W. Bengough on the wealthandwant website

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  • Wetzel Dave
    Can anyone help Wyn? Best Wishes, Dave Dave Wetzel Vice-Chair TfL Tel: 020 7126 4200 ... From: Wyn Achenbaum To: MTTS@topica.com
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      Re: J. W. Bengough on the wealthandwant website

      Can anyone help Wyn?
      Best Wishes,

      Dave Wetzel
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      From: Wyn Achenbaum <wyn@...>
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      Sent: Thu Aug 03 03:51:52 2006
      Subject: J. W. Bengough on the wealthandwant website

      I'm announcing a new item on the wealthandwant.com <http://www.wealthandwant.com/>  website, and seeking a bit of information before I put up another.

      The new item is J. W. Bengough's The Up-To-Date Primer: A First Book of Lessons for Little Political Economists In Words of One Syllable <http://www.wealthandwant.com/docs/Bengough/index.htm> .  It was originally published in 1903, and was reprinted by Fels in the teens and Schalkenbach in the mid 30s.  It consists of 70 lessons, each with a woodcut and some text.  Rather than posting the woodcuts, I've described each one.  (I've scanned them all, but so far have not attempted to size them so they work efficiently online.)   

      My query is about another of Bengough's works, On True Political Economy (The Whole-Hog Book), also written in words of one syllable.  Here I'm working from a version on Ed Dodson's website.  Unfortunately, a bit of text is missing, from Chapter 8.  Specificly, here's what I've got: 

              Here are at least eight points which the plan of Doles can claim to score. For, in the case of the High Tax plan: -- 1. The wit of man can not so fix it as to help all trades in a fair way. What helps one hurts the next. If you put a tax on tools to help the trade that makes tools, you, of course, hurt the trade that has to use such tools, and as new trades spring up this mess grows worse and worse.
              2. Aid has now to be lent to new trade, as pap is fed to babes, and it is a case of pay, pay, pay, till the child is grown up. But, strange to say, it does not grow up at all, but with each year of its age, calls for more and more pap.
              3 No man on earth, let him be wise as he may, can tell what is paid now to any one trade by the Tax plan, nor what they do for what they get.
              5. There is nought so hard to get rid of as a tax once put on goods. It will grow, but it will not come off.
              8. A rise in the price of goods is the heart of the whole scheme. If there were no such rise where would the "aid" come in?

      Do any of you have a copy of this one, from which you could provide points 6 and 7? 



      Wyn Achenbaum
      webster, http://www.wealthandwant.com ... toward abolishing poverty

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