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Re: Unearned income.

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  • roy_langston
    ... Though it s true there are other forms of privilege than land titles (especially intellectual property monopolies and private banksters issuance of debt
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      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, "John" <burns-john@...> wrote:

      > Henry George failed by concentrating on LAND only, which will be be
      > perceived as victimization of landowners, and attempting to get through a "Single Tax". Land values are "unearned income".

      Though it's true there are other forms of privilege than land titles (especially intellectual property monopolies and private banksters' issuance of debt money), there are a number of good reasons to focus on taxing land "first" if not "only":

      1. The Law of Rent implies that all increases in societal production due to technological progress, improvement of worker skills, increased capital accumulation, division of labor, social and physical infrastructure, etc. will tend to be taken as land rent.

      2. The Henry George Theorem implies that all government spending (as well as private charitable giving) devoted to services and infrastructure that is not wasted through incompetence or stolen through corruption will tend to be taken as land rent.

      3. The fixity of land's location means it can be taxed just as well on the most local as on the most general level.

      4. The impossibility of concealing land means it can be taxed without government intrusion or compromising privacy.

      5. Unlike other privileges, exclusive land tenure is a privilege that cannot be abolished without abandoning modern civilization.


      > Unearned income
      > comes in many forms and taxing it would have greater appeal. Land is
      > then merely one of the points of Unearned income, so easier to get
      > through to the public.

      It's true there are other forms of unearned income, but there is a difference between unEARNED income and unJUST income. Lottery prizes, gifts, inheritances, damage awards, insurance settlements, etc. are all unearned; but they are not unjust, and there is therefore no defensible reason to tax them.

      > From wikiWiki article <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unearned_income>
      > Some common types of unearned income are:

      That's just a legal definition for income tax purposes.

      -- Roy Langston
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