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Re: Detroit Land Grab

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  • John David Kromkowski
    I make no claims regarding knowing the laws generally. However, I have a pretty good sense of the situation here in Mass. I worked in the State House for
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      " I make no claims regarding "knowing the laws" generally. However, I have a pretty good sense of the situation here in Mass. I worked in the State House for the Commerce and Labor Committee for a half-dozen years, writing and analyzing statutes, and have been a workcomp bureaucrat since--for more years than I'd like to mention. Anyhow, no city or town here can have a two-rate property tax here without getting a local option bill through the legislature. I've seen the town manager in Chicopee work his butt off to get that authority a few years back--with no effect at all. You'd need the Speaker and the Senate President for something like that. Good luck with that.  W"
      I know your background.  My point was only that most land taxers no very little about laws.
      There is very little organized and accurate information about what the true state of the law is in various jurisdictions. 

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    • roy_langston
      ... Which might be why I haven t done so. Citizenship self-evidently isn t a question of natural law, and I ve explained why residence defined as six months +
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        --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, "walto" <calhorn@...> wrote:

        > The main point of resorting to natural law pronoucements of the kind you have bellowed is that they are supposed to help us determine what the various human-made laws SHOULD say. That is, if we have a question about know how some law should be constructed with respect to, e.g., who should receive various benefits and for how long or which protections of person or property must be enforced, or whatever, natural law claims are sometimes made--just as you have confidently made them in this context. It is, thus plainly circular to respond, when asked to specify the characteristics of some claimed natural law, "You'll have to consult the local legislature and courts--they'll tell us."

        Which might be why I haven't done so. Citizenship self-evidently isn't a question of natural law, and I've explained why residence defined as six months + reflects the relevant natural law principles.

        -- Roy Langston
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