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  • Bill Batt
    Dave, I haven t read all the articles yet, because it s just come out, but the new Journal from University of Minnesota, Journal of Transport and Land USe, the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2012
    Dave, I haven't read all the articles yet, because it's just come out, but the new Journal from University of Minnesota, Journal of Transport and Land USe, the latest issue, is devoted totally to value capture. See https://www.jtlu.org/index.php/jtlu/index.  There is also a small book put out by the world Bank by George E Peterson, Unlocking Land Values to Finance Urban Infrastructure. It's short -- only 128 pages with index, and came out in 2009. I'll attach my review, which I thought I'd put on my website, but perhaps I forgot.  Of course you know best all the work right on your side.  B. 
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    Fwd: [UTSG] Textbook on Land use and Transport

    Posted by: "Dave Wetzel" davewetzel42@...   wetzelda2000

    Mon May 7, 2012 2:39 am (PDT)

    Can anyone receiving this please suggest to me (at davewetzel42@ gmail.com)
    an appropriate textbook that I can recommend to Talat in India.

    Dear all

    Can you suggest a good book that deals with basic issues of land use and
    transport planning and can be used a textbook to teach the subject of
    second year bachelor of planning students.

    Best Regards

    Talat Munshi
    Associate Professor,
    Faculty of Planning and Public Policy
    CEPT University, India

    Dave Wetzel

    e-mail: davewetzel42@ gmail.com

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