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Landowners win again

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  • John
    Near me there is a greedy land owner posed to make so much money it is beyond calculating. :) Eyre Estates, a London Landowners, who have owned land in London
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2011
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      Near me there is a greedy land owner posed to make so much money it is beyond calculating. :)

      Eyre Estates, a London Landowners, who have owned land in London for 100s of years are evicting the Kings Troop after near 200 years.  They allowed the troop to have the land when it was fields.  Eyre own much of the land in St.John's Wood and have done for centuries.  They do not sell land unless the occupier can enact a compulsory land purchase order, which the law now permits.  It is difficult to do. Buying the lease is not cheap!!!  For price for the government to buy the land the barracks is on is astronomical.  I man not sure if they cab even buy the land, if they wanted to.

      The silly government gave developers the choice of Commonhold, where the owners of apartments equally own the land and building, or the old Leasehold (which is rent).  Few have taken up Commonhold in new blocks. I wonder why?  :(  Eyre now will create many apartments on the old barracks and still charge rent forever.  If they own a certain percentage of the apartments they cannot be voted down to sell out to Commonhold. 

      I know some of the soldiers in the barracks - 50% are girls.  They gave me a guided tour with my little girl to see the 187 magnificent horses, farriers at work, old guns (that look like new) and the gun carriage that was used for Winston Churchill and Princess Diana's funerals. They regularly move through the local streets in full regalia on horseback pulling the guns after giving 21 gun salutes - a magnificent sight.  The horses gradually go darker in colour down the line - amazing.  The are well loved in the area.  All going because of a landowner greed. They currently are near to central London where the ceremonial duties are. They will move way out of central London and have to be taken in by vehicles. 

      Abbey Rd studios, where the Beatles did their recordings, is in St.John's Wood.   The owners of that land wanted to close down the studio and build apartments, leasehold no doubt, but a previous government minister slapped on a building listing on the studio, so it remains - great move as it was done within days.  So some success against the landowning greed.  The studio is big tourist attraction now, with a constant parade of people walking over the pedestrian crossing that is on the front  of the Beatles Abbey Rd album cover. 
      Planning chiefs throw out controversial designs for St John's Wood
      THE developers masterminding the transformation of St John's Wood Barracks have been ordered to "radically" rethink their plans in the face of a groundswell of opposition.

      Planning chiefs at Westminster City Council tore up plans that would have seen 123 homes created on the site of the famous barracks which have been home to one of the most prestigious ceremonial regiments in the army, the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery for the past 50 years.

      The decision last Thursday echoed the sentiments of residents living nearby that the designs were unimag­inative and "characterless", as well as challenging landowners the Eyre Estate to provide more facilities for the area, amid fears it will be a "gated community".

      Under current designs, only the Grade II-listed ­riding school would be safe from the wrecking ball – so that it could be turned into a leisure centre for sole use by residents living within the development. It would have spelt the end for the historic officers' mess and the blocks of 1970s buildings currently on the site in Ordinance Hill.

      Anxiety over what will replace the barracks has been growing ever since the Ministry of Defence announced it was leaving the five-acre site when their lease expired in 2012. More than 170 soldiers and 109 horses, part of the regiment who transported Princess Diana's casket to Westminster Abbey in 1997, are set to leave.
      Criticism is levelled at the bland architecture, the "overdevelopment" of the site, a dearth of community benefits and the creation of a social apartheid between affordable and private homes on the site – an army barracks since 1810.

      Andrew Mainz, chairman of the St John's Wood Society, said: "This is affirmation that the rich and powerful don't always win. 
      No one from the Eyre Estate was available to comment.

      "This is affirmation that the rich and powerful don't always win". Eyre, the landowners, won!!  They evicted the Kings Troop.They are moving out at the end of the year.

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