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  • ecoplan.adsl@wanadoo.fr
    Jul 12, 2004

      Monday, July 12, 2004, Paris, France, Europe


      Good morning friends,


      I don’t want to drag this on forever and it does seem as if we are just about ready to go, but I would like to comment briefly on Dan’s (if I may): “The Commons seems to be more about the exchange of ideas, whereas the LLC site outlined would have a different rationale and feel more in line with a UK labour movement/campaigning website.”  Hmm. Twice.


      Just to be sure we are tracking here:


      1. The domain of The Commons is (a) sustainable development and social justice and, very specifically, (b) policy and practice. It says it in the tag line on our home page (http://ecoplan.org): “New thinking, plain speaking & wide-open world-wide collaborative problem-solving “.

      2. We tend to shy away for political formations (as they stand today) in pretty much everyone on this benighted planet, because among other things we find them a bit wrapped up in rhetoric of the past and more or less disguised self-interests.  So in the meantime we try to prepare the terrain in potentially rich areas of society and technology, develop both a broad base of knowledge and insight fed by exchanges and expertise that cut across the usual lines of country and culture, and hunt around in opportunistic manner for the person, people or place that are hard pressed enough to be willing to at least think about these new ideas and departures for the usual ways of doing things.


      And then we have what may be a split between the concepts of ‘land reform’ and ‘value capture’ as I have carried on surely too much.  In the event this is a good time to see if we are tracking together in a way that can be massaged into a firm base for our cooperation, and if this requires a couple more e-conversations such as these, well that’s a lot better than setting off on exactly the wrong direction.  


      That said, I think we have enough common ground to get off to a running start, so let me invite you to have a look at the following and tell me what you think:


      1. Go to The Commons and click the Land Value Capture link either on the menu on in the small box up top on the home page.  You will see a first cut at how we intend to handle it from our end.

      2. Then, have a look at the Land Café (which you reach via the Land page on The Commons) and see how this is starting to shape up.  Note the following:


      Post message:






      List owner:



      1. For background on the use and abuse of this kind of group enterprise, I can recommend the page: http://ecoplan.org/general/welcome.htm which makes a few points you ma find handy.

      That’s as far as we have gotten thus far on this.  My proposed next steps are (a) to collect your suggestions and ideas and then (b) to extend the invitation to the full list that Dave has developed (plus other sources that we are working on here).


      This does not solve all our problems here, but it does give us I think a pretty fair start.


      Best to you all,




      "The Commons: Increasing the uncomfort zone for hesitant administrators and politicians, pioneering new concepts for activists, community groups, entrepreneurs and business, and through our joint efforts, energy and personal choices,  placing them and ourselves firmly on the path to a more sustainable and more just society."