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1761RE: [LandCafe] No land price with full land tax - simply is not true

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  • Edward Dodson
    Nov 23, 2006
      Harry Pollard wrote:

      We have to beware of using market values for Rent.

      Ed here:
      OK. I read thru your scenario that followed, Harry, but I am having a
      problem making any connection with what I wrote earlier.

      You write:
      So, although I can pay the Rent, Donald will be able to pay much more than I
      for the site. Does this mean that we should charge him more "Rent" because
      of his special skill and knowledge. If this is so, then our Rent collection
      will be collecting not only Rent but also wages from Donald.

      Ed here:
      No disagreement. What I thought I was saying is that even where the full
      rent is being publicly collected, a price could be charged to acquire the
      deed because of some special characteristic of the land parcel. You always
      define land as "a location with an address." Well, what if the address is
      "One Rodeo Drive" or "One Wall Street" or "One Trafalgar Square"?

      You wrote:
      I do think that in a Georgist city with 100% of the Rent collected, in due
      course, every site would be used. However, there will probably be a market
      for the land part of property, particularly in higher Rent locations.

      Ed here:
      Agreed. One reason is that some landowners have very deep pockets and very
      huge incomes from other sources. They might own a townhome in Manhattan and
      want the adjacent parcel for a yard or "Japanese garden," or to park their
      Rolls Royce.
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