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1717Re: [LandCafe] land price with full land tax -

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  • Mark Monson
    Nov 13, 2006
      Fred Foldvary wrote:

      > --- Mark Monson <mmonson1@wi. rr.com <mailto:mmonson1%40wi.rr.com>> wrote:
      > > we
      > > need a law that voids all private land debts so
      > > people won't be stuck
      > > paying twice: once to the private land creditor and
      > > once to the public
      > > tax collector.
      > Does that not steal from the lender?
      No. Bankers are not the producers of wealth that is lent. Nearly all
      of these funds are concocted through fractional reserve banking.
      Destroying land's value and land's debt will destroy bubble money and
      very little earned savings. The greater crime is to allow creditors to
      receive this unearned flow of labor that rightfully belongs to producers.

      Mark Monson
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