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1711Re: [LandCafe] land price with full land tax -

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  • Fred Foldvary
    Nov 12, 2006
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      --- Mark Monson <mmonson1@...> wrote:

      > Selling price of land is indeed an evil as it is
      > theft.

      The ideal is to collect the full economic rent, which
      is that portion not needed to put land to its best
      use, implying leaving some rental untaxed if it
      facilitates a real estate market, in which case it is
      not theft but really part of the wages for exchanging

      > we
      > need a law that voids all private land debts so
      > people won't be stuck
      > paying twice: once to the private land creditor and
      > once to the public
      > tax collector.

      Does that not steal from the lender?

      > It is a fact that LVT will destroy land investment.

      It can't be a fact, since there is no such thing as
      land investment.

      Fred Foldvary
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