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1709Most valuable asset - Was: Baby Steps

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  • Jeffery J. Smith
    Nov 10, 2006
      On Nov 9, 2006, at 1:33 PM, Sean Brooks wrote:

      > 1) it's a mistake to say that land is the most valuable asset people
      > have:
      > (US figures)
      > Median home price is ~$220,000.
      > Land portion of this is probably 30% - $66,000 - or less.
      > So already, their home, at $154,000 is worth more than their land.

      How'd you get buildings aging to increase their value like fine wine?

      Actually, the part rising is the locational value. And in the pricier
      places, it can be like 80% of the total.

      > Furthermore, the initial steps towards LVT, a dual rate property tax,
      > financially benefits more homeowners than it hurts.

      More? Where? In the rust belt, sure, but where people are flocking to?
      Not so sure about that. Looks like more of them lose.

      > Likewise, an increase in LVT collected, concurrent with a reduction
      > in wage taxes, should benefit the vast majority of the population

      Now you're getting somewhere.

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