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15045RE: [LandCafe] Re: Tory Reform Group is pushing LVT

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  • harrypollard
    Feb 7, 2013
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      As I recall, Thatcher intended to go after two blocs that  needed reform. One was the trade unions, the other the land-owning elite.


      Well, she got to the unions, diminishing their power, but failed with regard to  the land-owning class. I think she gave up. Whether that is so or not, the question in the Tory Party is what is the extent of landholding power today.


      A lot of Tories must be free market types, not particularly close to the land-holding group. These should offer opportunities for us. However, we should direct their attention to the inability of the free market to operate well when an important factor of production is not controlled by the market price mechanism.


      Necessary to price mechanism control is that when demand increases, raising prices, producers rush supplies to the market, which reaction brings down prices as demand is met. So prices hunt around an equilibrium which indicates a position where supply and demand balance.


      In the case of land (or perhaps we should get used to using “locations” – note the Scottish Liberals use) rising prices not only fails to bring more locations to market, they may actually persuade landholders to stay away from the market as they wait for further rises.


      Collecting Rent throws locations back into a price controlled market and, incidentally, makes full economic control of the market possible.


      This argument could get to the free market Tories (not that I’m suggesting it will be easy, but it offers an avenue).


      As I’ve said before, pushing our “better” tax is a pretty bloodless task and places us in the same group as other tax reformers – a path that can cause a voter’s eyes to glaze over. Apparently, Fred is coming to a similar conclusion.


      An old adage of advertising is that one doesn’t sell the steak, one sells the ‘sizzle’. Collecting Rent leads to plenty of sizzles. We should start selling them.





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      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, Dave Wetzel wrote:

      > John says: "Nick Boles was the first Tory
      > that I know of to be pro LVT"
      > nb David Curry was Conservative MP (1987-2010)
      > when he wrote this for the
      > UK's Local Government Chronicle:
      > 1 February, 2006
      > *Here we go again! Some ideas keep turning
      > up like winter sore throats.
      > This one has been round the course four time...*

      So there is glimmer of hope in that Party then. The Philip Blond ResRepublica organisation as far as I known is not a Tory Party outfit, although Blonds claims to a "Red Tory", whatever that is. Or is that so? They lean towards reclaiming economic rents.

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