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15042Re: Tory Reform Group is pushing LVT

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  • John
    Feb 7, 2013
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      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, Dave Wetzel wrote:
      > John says: "Nick Boles was the first Tory
      > that I know of to be pro LVT"
      > nb David Curry was Conservative MP (1987-2010)
      > when he wrote this for the
      > UK's Local Government Chronicle:
      > 1 February, 2006
      > *Here we go again! Some ideas keep turning
      > up like winter sore throats.
      > This one has been round the course four time...*

      So there is glimmer of hope in that Party then. The Philip Blond ResRepublica organisation as far as I known is not a Tory Party outfit, although Blonds claims to a "Red Tory", whatever that is. Or is that so? They lean towards reclaiming economic rents.
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