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15024Re: Fred Harrison does not say "Land Value Tax"

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  • John
    Feb 5, 2013
      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, "Scott on the Spot" wrote:
      > Harrison has not changed his message, just the way he
      > states it - he won't say the phrase Land Value Tax,
      > but believes in collecting the economic rent as much
      > as ever. He has stern words about Occupy wasting
      > its time on non-core issues and how it might lose
      > its potential if they don't focus on core issues.

      Fred clearly has not changed his his message and appears not to be a Single Taxer. He tends to use the word "rents" meaning "economic rent". This tends to confuse the uninitiated. Most do not understand what "economic rent" is, and regard it as simple profit and think nothing is wrong with that. Fred says, "we trade in generalities and get nowhere".

      A window of opportunity has arisen, the Credit Crunch. Fred is trying to make as much ground as possible in this window. And he has.

      The radio link is long at 1hr 24 mins, but worth listening to.

      Occupy London appears to be very interested, and its is clear few had knew of land value capture, or as Harrison says, "paying for the services you receive" and "not paying twice". Fred comes out with some flowery expletives :) The Occupy groups around the world knew there was a problem (that is obvious) They never knew the root cause or a solution.

      Fred mentions that King, the governor of the Bank of England, stated that LVT cannot generate enough revenue without doing any calculations - typical. Bill Tideman in the USA did figures for the USA with the average American being far better off, stating the figures in dollars. That grabs people.
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