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  • Harry Pollard
    Dec 6, 2012

      When a country is doing badly, its money loses value as others are not so keen to deal with it. This is one of the market reactions that are so useful to international trade.

      The Euro doesn't allow a separate country in Europe to enjoy (or suffer) this reaction. So, Greece's money keeps value even as the economy is going into the drink. That's a major problem with the Euro.

      I've just realised. I don't know who in Europe produces and distributes the Euro.

      Where do Euros come from?


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      On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 3:34 AM, John <burns-john@...> wrote:

      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, "roy_langston" <roy_langston@...> wrote:

      > > - an anti-EU and pro-globalism stance
      > > (a sustainable global community)
      > "The EU imposes unsustainable policies
      > on us like the banksters' euro, which
      > Greece, Spain and the rest have proved
      > is not a sustainable money system because
      > it is based on feeding the banks' addiction
      > to lending for land speculation."

      I do not think the Euro, no more than the US dollar, has anything to do with that.

      The problem with the Euro is that it may be overvalued for some countries and undervalued for others. That could apply to the US dollar. The southern states are getting into biomass fuel, using
      sustainably-sourced renewable biofuel wood pellets and exporting it to Europe. Tibury Power station near London is using the pellets and few other changing over from coal. Germany and Holland use the pellets. Devaluing the dollar may mean they do greater business, but it stays high because of commerce/industry elsewhere in the USA. The Euro is just another currency.

      We are in the EU and it worked well until the CC. Many are anti-EU because of the crisis and seeing that they are bailing out the PIIGS - some of the PIIGS were just plain fianacially irresponsible.

      In the UK we have the anti EU UKip party. IMO, they tend to get votes from older people who are bigots, racists or just confused. The UK is in the EU but not in he Euro zone. The pound is still used. Currently, maybe the best of both worlds. The EU brings political stability - maybe we now have generations that did not see the needless carnage of WW2 or feel the after effects of austerity. Being anti-EU is not a positive measure. Most people view that it is here and it is not going away and getting out is financial suicide.

      Promoting Genomics to Brussels maybe a good ploy - economic stability resulting in political stability, etc.

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