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14596Re: Software companies etc would pay little tax with lvt (RPM)

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  • John
    Dec 5, 2012
      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, David Reed <dbcreed@...> wrote:
      > I would have though the simple answer to this
      > is that LVT does not do much good in cases like
      > Amazon where any premises are miles out of town
      > in cheap land environments. But this is, to some
      > extent, a development (ad absurdum?) of the
      > tendency of supermarkets to move out of town
      > to freestanding middle-of-nowhere sites: land
      > is cheaper, particularly for car parks.

      David, good point. They are doing no more than Amazon. I detest large supermarkets for ruining the British way of life. A British High St on a Saturday was some buzz. All life was there.

      Tesco still have massive land banks, keeping land from being used. When selling land they put in clauses it cannot be used in competition to their trade.

      I do like their efficient used of land and what they did in Gerrards Cross. The Tesco Rail Tunnel:

      They created a rail tunnel from a cutting, backfilled creating "land" and put the supermarket on top.
      From other direction. The pre-cast tunnel extended under the Victorian rail bridge. So the supermarket has a station outside and a car park over the tracks in a prime location. This sort of "land creation" I like - will it still kill the High Streets and the small traders?

      Who would pay the LVT? The rail company or Tesco on "land" on top?
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