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14565Re: Software companies etc would pay little tax with lvt

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  • Scott on the Spot
    Dec 4, 2012
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      I've been wondering about the LVT on IT-heavy companies for some time;
      it seems to be a big weakness of LVT that HG couldn't have anticipated
      (there weren't even telephones for most of his life!).
      I read in the NY Times how Amazon decided to close their Texas warehouse
      when that state's controller demanded they pay ~$250 million in sales
      taxes. Seems to me that if Texas - which already has the most generous
      company incentives in the country, 51% of the budget! - charged property
      taxes to any significant degree higher than their neighboring states (it
      is somewhat higher), than Amazon would move because of that too,
      assuming everything else was equal (I know it's not). The problem is
      that the roads are not charged for properly, which is one reason big box
      stores and big warehouse retailers can make money over local stores.
      Until road use is properly charged for and not supplemented by general
      highway bill revenue, there will be distortions in locating both of
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      > >
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      > > > And how about retirees and other who own
      > > > land but must live in pensions or investments
      > > > subject to a tax which would be hefty if it
      > > > were the govt's only source of revenue...
      > The Old Widow Bogey - as Churchill described it.
      > > They will generally choose to assist the
      > > market in allocating the land more productively
      > > by seeking accommodation better suited to their
      > > needs and means.
      > > > You've probably thought about all these
      > > > issues. But I agree taxing something productive,
      > > > like labor, is a dangerous thing...But if you
      > > > want as much money as possible, that's what you
      > > > have to do..
      > Taxing labour will not bring in more money than taxing land and its
      resources and commonly created wealth. Many people have done the figures
      on LVT alone never mind the rest and pigovian taxes thrown in.
      > > If you want as much money as possible in the LONG
      > > run, that's what you CANNOT do.
      > In the short and long terms.
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