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14543Re: The Revival of Retsforbundet

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  • John
    Dec 2 3:42 AM
      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, "roy_langston" <roy_langston@...> wrote:
      > --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, "John" burns-john@ wrote:

      > > The powerful Danish media:
      > > 
      > > * Produced propaganda that LVT was 
      > > just another tax, like all other taxes.

      > It is essential to pound home the fact that all other
      >  taxes confiscate privately created value and give it 
      > to landowners in return for nothing, while LVT recovers 
      > publicly created value for public purposes and benefit, 
      > leaving privately created value in its producers' hands 
      > where it rightly belongs.
      Also to emphasise that Income Tax penalizes the productive and LVT promotes enterprise and productivity.  Also it is how it is put across.   Some Marxist made it look like war on the wealthy.  You do not want to make it look like its is war on landowners. Landowners benefit as well. That must be emphasised.

      That is why Geonomics is far better and a better word - use Land Value Tax as little as possible.  Geonomics is NOT a single tax, so no one can be accused of victimizing one section - landowners.  Geonomics uses commonwealth in land and resources and collectively created economic growth to fund society - while promoting productivity by eliminating harmful Income and Sales taxes.
      That is very "sustainable".  

      Another point is that economic stability is promoted and virtually ensured within the nation.  No boom & busts.  The effect of Credit Crunch are still with us, look at Greece and Spain (the PIIGS), this is easier to sell.  OK, if a world-wide crash comes a country like Denmark will slide in with them, but the effect will be less and recovery easier and less painful.

      Also it has to emphasised that the whole thing is just a tax shift. The system stays the same. Business behaviour stays the same. 
      > > * They put it across that it is unjust that only 
      > > landowners should pay all the taxes of the nation.

      > It is essential to pound home the fact that landowners 
      > GET all the taxes of the nation, and that land's value 
      > simply measures how much of other people's taxes 
      > its owner can expect to pocket in return for nothing.
      It is how that is put across to millions of people who currently just do not see it that way and regard land as a capital item like a car or washing machine.  It is not worth putting across economic theories that must people will have difficulty grasping.
      > > * They emphasized that the poor having no income, 
      > > or a small income, would not benefit of the reduction 
      > > of income taxes.

      > It is essential to advocate not just LVT but LVT+UIE, to 
      restore the people's equal rights to liberty and ensure 
      > that all have free, secure access to economic opportunity. 
      > The UIE enables a massive reduction of government spending 
      > on poverty relief, pensions, etc. as well as combining a more 
      > competitive wage structure with a higher real standard of living.

      Most of that will go over their heads. Most are only interested in what is in it for them. Currently selling stability and eco is worth it.
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