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14310Re: FT now fascism (!?)

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  • k_r_johansen
    Nov 14, 2012
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      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, David Reed <dbcreed@...> wrote:
      > It is clear from this that his right to free-of- land-tax property is aimed at directing state aid to large families who thus have loyalty to their genetically determined society ("every human society consists of human beings who have a specific biological nature in common") which is in endless conflict with everybody else on the planet and needs industrial/cannon fodder.... I am not staying on this site to be assailed by this fascist bullshit (it is not even pseudo- or quasi- fascist bullshit) while so-called intelligent people smile indulgently.<

      Sometimes you give out perspectives that make pub discussions look like sober parish meetings. Never miss out on an opportunity to take on out of context sentences to make sweeping statement about someone you don't like, do you?

      Walto and Roy's discussion is entirely tangential to LVT, and what started it; me saying that healthcare is not a right, with regards to our discussion on govt spending. You seem to think there are no circumstances where govt should be limited in their spending, I do, and it's an entirely different discussion from LVT or not.

      Now you have to look at thing from the wider perspective, and with a touch of common sense. Roy and Walto's long-winded discussion should be separated from the actual policy proposals. As far as I understand, the core idea that Roy is proposing, is that there is an equal right to land, something that should be reflected in policy. I don't really see a problem with this. We can, and have discussed at lengths, the rationale behind equal distributions to children and adults. But taking this as fascist is like saying that policies like maternity pay, child benefit etc., are part of a fascist, eugenic agenda. Are you serious about this? Would you be ready to argue for that in a political programme?

      Let's recap what your stances has been through the last months:

      - Malthus' may have been right about the Corn Laws
      - Company towns run by industrialists were good for workers
      - State Capitalism may not be such a bad idea

      Hmm... an Italian 20th century political figure had some similar ideas as well.

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