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14293Re: [LandCafe] LVT to be debated in Parliament?

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  • Scott Bergeson
    Nov 12, 2012
      Quoting JDKromkowski on Mon, 12 Nov 2012 18:52:55 -0500:

      PA rep from Pittsburgh, moritz, along with progressives thought the
      16th amendment would broaden the income tax (which prior thereto only
      applied to wages - not interest, divdends, and rent because those
      were considered incidences of property ownership and thus need to
      be apportioned) sufficient to get at unearned rent and the wealthy.

      Not wages until the Public Employees Tax Act and FICA. It
      applies to the profits of federally chartered corporations.
      Perhaps you're thinking of lawyers fees, which may have
      been considered federal income as some sort of privilege?
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