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12146Re: Why don't companies promote LVT

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  • derekrss
    Nov 2, 2011
      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, "John" <burns-john@...> wrote:
      > Many will look to the Sam Smiths way to castigate LVT - although the likes of Sam Smiths are rare. The likes of Sam Smiths will not want any change in the land system or its taxation. To Sam Smiths in bad times they will still be lumbered with an LVT bill to make their business uncompetitive, while now in a depression they can run with their heads just above water. To them LVT may take their heads under. OK, no Corporation tax and local Council Tax, etc, but will the likes of Sam Smith see than? They go by what they know - for 250 years.

      Any company which has been operating in the UK for 250 years spent the first 100 years doing business in a country where the major tax was a land tax. In fact for the first 60 years, it would have been the only major tax for them were it not for the fact that Sam Smiths is a brewer and would have had to also pay the malt tax. It wasn't until the 1840s that income tax started to overtake the land tax in revenue terms.

      So they know how to survive in a property tax environment -- they did it before for nearly 80 years.
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