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12135Re: Why don't companies promote LVT

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  • John
    Nov 2 2:01 AM
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      --- In LandCafe@yahoogroups.com, "John" <burns-john@...> wrote:
      > My economics degree Romanian girl
      > friend said "if LVT with no income
      > and corporation tax is such a good
      > thing why don't companies push for it".
      > She added, "I don't see them doing so".

      A digressional addition..

      The girl friend is from an ex Communist country. Her mother and her generation look back to the "good times", when they had a flat or house with cheap rent, food, guaranteed employment, pensions, health care and no worries. They had the important sense of community - there were no no-go crime areas. They were not oppressive as portrayed, as they never could control the 2 million Gypsies in the country. The younger yearned for consumer products. The older do not like the way it has panned out after the move to the Capitalist camp. Far too much grinding poverty is now seen - beggars on the streets, etc.

      What the older did not like was that they had a guaranteed place to live with the guarantee taken away. The government was "selling" the homes, and land, to its owners, the people. So many took out mortgages and bought the house they lived in, the one they collectively "owned". They took out mortgages with foreign banks. The Credit Crunch came and many were repossessed. So the house they lived in, guaranteed for life was taken away by this wonderful Capitalist system. Many older people do not not like it at all. Many like the consumer goods, but not the rest. They didn't have to take the rest. They could have kept the good in their own system and the good in the western system.

      These Communist countries had the perfect opportunity to lease out land, and reduce or eliminate income tax - as do Hong Kong. What a missed opportunity. I believe Bill Vickry, Fred Harrison, etc, went to Russia under Gorbachev and advised a lease/LVT scheme of land which the later Yeltsin dropped.

      China is not so dramatic in its change. Watch out if they adopt a Hong Kong style system of land, they do in parts, and go with the free-market. They will rule the economic world. They are heading that way.
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