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  • Whistling Squirrel
    Just a quick reminder of the up-coming event with Charlie Goedken at Moonbeams Metaphysical on March 16th. Hope to see you at the seminar and you can browse
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      Just a quick reminder of the up-coming event with Charlie Goedken at Moonbeams Metaphysical on March 16th. Hope to see you at the seminar and you can browse the store and see what we've put together for our community. Love always.

      --- In LancasterPaganCommunity@yahoogroups.com, "Whistling Squirrel" <goldmondalder@...> wrote:
      > This seminar will be held at Moonbeams Metaphysical in Selinsgrove, PA on March 16, 2013 at 9:30 AM. Life Activations will begin around 10:30 AM and cost $120 the day of the seminar or if you reserve an activation (for a later date) the day of - that's $40 off the regular price.
      > Life (DNA) Activation
      > by Charlie Goedken [717-558-8123]
      > What if somebody told you there is a once-and-done energetic process that would amplify all your efforts toward your spiritual evolution, your physical health, and your psychological well being? Sound too good to be true?
      > The Life Activation (formerly 22-Strand DNA Activation) is that process. It was held sacred within the Ancient Mystery Schools for several thousand years, and reserved for those individuals pure enough of heart and intention to find their way to these hidden Schools. The general public was then not ready to receive the energy, and this Process was so valued that it was kept safe from any possible dilution in the public arena.
      > That all changed about 15 years ago, when one of the ancient schools – now known as the Modern Mystery School -- was directed to bring tools of self-empowerment to the masses. The Activation is the most basic and tested modality in the Mystery School's medicine bag, and it was designed specifically to work on everybody. It has a track record that is thousands of years old, and it has been proven effective on hundreds of thousands of people.
      > Benefits of the Activation are many and wide-ranging: greater peace and clarity, increased intuition, renewed vigor, and much more. Because every person's DNA is unique to him or her, no two individuals will respond exactly the same way. There are, though, common reports of feeling "more comfortable in my own skin (even though I thought I was!)", feeling more relaxed and at ease, feeling more able to handle stressful situations, having greater and clearer access to intuition, and moving more purposefully and with greater ease toward goals and dreams.
      > The biggest boost, though, is to self-empowerment. The Activation illuminates the inner workings of your mind and the negative ego. You begin to see first-hand what your "inner work" is, and it becomes clearer and clearer the more you bring your attention and awareness to it. And you make progress in that work. The Activation is a tremendous first step – or 50th or 100th if you're already well on the path – to the ancient dictum of Know Thyself.
      > DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is within the nucleus of each cell of our body; the DNA holds the blueprint for ALL that we are - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Traditional science acknowledges that only 10 percent of our DNA relates to genes, and they view the remaining 90 percent as primarily inactive. This Activation sets into motion the activation of most of the inactive DNA.
      > There is huge untapped potential within each of us … even if we have already made great progress on our spiritual development. All of this potential (Divine potential you might say) is within our DNA. This Activation works at this foundation of who you are and is a huge boost in bringing that potential to life.
      > In this day and age, we have many alternative therapies and tools available to us to help us in our quest toward a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Most of these modalities allow or aid the natural process of the body's own ability to heal. The Activation works at the very foundation of your being, giving you greater power, amplifying the effects of awareness, and enhancing the ability to clear obstacles regardless of where you are on your path and irrespective of the belief-system you embrace.
      > It is not a magic pill. It doesn't do the work for you. It is, instead, a wonderful gift you can give yourself in your spiritual journey. It's the esoteric can of spinach to your awareness's Popeye.
      > The Activation can be performed in the comfort of your own home or office and takes roughly 45 minutes. After balancing your energy, the practitioner will perform the Activation by accessing 12 points of light that run along your spine. The work is done in your energy body, so you remain fully clothed and seated in a chair for the work. And, as indicated, it is a once-and-done process.
      > The Activation is gentle but profound. The effects take place over time, put into motion by energetic changes to the pineal gland. So, as your cells renew, they are infused with more capacity to hold light and awareness, which slowly changes . . . well, everything.
      > The Life Activation was developed by King Solomon in conjunction with the spiritual leaders of all the tribes and races of the earth at that time. Their goal was to bring their collective knowledge together and develop basic tools to help humanity – tools that would work for everybody at very deep levels. The Life Activation is the crowned jewel of that body of work.
      > Above the doors to the ancient Mystery Schools, the story goes, was this simple instruction: Know Thyself. Anyone who is consciously on the path to spiritual development realizes the metaphor – the doorway to our Divinity lies in self-knowledge. Self-knowledge leads to self-mastery, which is truly the key to creating the life that only we can dream for ourselves. The Life Activation is a tool specifically designed to be of significant help in this process. It provides greater illumination to every cell of your body, to your consciousness, and to the path of self-discovery that lies ahead of you.
      > Charlie Goedken
      > 717-558-8123
      > charlie@...
      > www.modernmysteryschool.com
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