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Re: Lets talk Herbs

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  • Crick
    Greetings Hunwolf: Very cool. I personally believe that no matter where one lives, that there is a plethora of herbal related gifts just waiting to be
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 29, 2013
      Greetings Hunwolf: Very cool. I personally believe that no matter where one lives, that there is a plethora of herbal related gifts just waiting to be discovered. I also personlly believe that if one is going to follow a mystic path, that a fundamental understanding of herbs and their medicinal, culinary and magical uses, is a must. I have had 3rd. degree Wiccans disagree with this view, but then they are entitled to their opinions.
      I personally can't see anyone claiming to follow the path of witchcraft, not having atleast a basic knowledge of herbs, but then that is where old school parts way with the new school of looking at such topics.
      I look forward to sharing and learing with the members of this gathering...


      --- In LancasterPaganCommunity@yahoogroups.com, John McElroy wrote:
      > Hi!
      > Anything you would be willing to pass on, I would love to hear.  I want to learn more about herbs because I don't care to take the pharma junk at all.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  
      > Hunwolf 
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      > From: Crick
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      > Subject: [LancasterPaganCommunity] Lets talk Herbs
      > Hey folks: The other night someone asked me why I don't post information about herbs anymore. For those that don't know me, I have been studying herb related topics for for about 50 years. I am certified as a Master Herbalist (for what it is worth) and have taught numerous on and off line courses on herbs. I have also compiled
      > several free on line courses on herbs. And have led dozens of herb walks over the past 12 or so years.
      > In short, I am real when it comes to the study of herbs.
      > Several year ago I belonged to a yahoo group serving the local community.
      > As soon as the local trolls found out that I was there they showed up and started to round-robin me with useless and pathetic attacks.
      > One hypochondriac from Harrisburg who blatantly stole the name "Susquehanna Valley Pagans" from a paid Meet Up group that I was administering and paying for at the time, even suggested that I was plagarizing the weekly herbal information that I was offering at the time on that yahoo site.
      > The problem with her accusations was that the groups she claimed that
      > I was stealing from were not in existence until 6 or more years after
      > I had put my herbal grimoire on line at the Whispering Woods site which
      > I began in 2000.
      > This poser even alluded to a lawsuit (shiver). Her threat didn't even pass the BS test, for she has been claiming for years to be a master
      > of this and that and of having been trained in just about every brand of eo Paganism out there.
      > Moving on, over the last 20 years or so I have frequently encountered such vile reactions from Neo Pagans whenevr I have tried to share my experiences and knowledge when it comes to paganism.
      > I actually was born into a Irish pagan clan spread out through the mountains of Tenn. and Missouri. And so for folks to come from a Abrahamic religion onto a path that I grew up with and to attack me in such a manner over and over again has led me to believe that such
      > folks suffer from a deep sense of insecurity and delusion. It is why
      > in part, I have so little respect for the Neo Pagan concept.
      > And the experience from that yahoo group, consisting of folks from around the area where I live is why I hesitate to bother with such folks anymore. At the end of the day, I am who I am, and I have
      > nothing to prove to those who pretend to be something they most certainly are not.
      > But after thinking about it, I may once again start up a weekly or so forum on the identification and uses of the herbs that grow around
      > here in Pa.
      > My question to this gathering is this: if I decide to do so, can I expect to be flamed again?
      > Would such information be something that the members of this gathering would welcome and become involved in as far as conversation?
      > I haven't made a decison as yet, for I am actively involved in
      > creating a on line library for pagan scholars. And so between that project and my involvement with Mother Earth Gemstones, well, I have plenty to do.
      > I look forward to hearing from you folks, and rest assured, you will not be flamed for expressing your opinion. I am not a Neo Pagan and
      > thus do no have insecurities affecting my thought processes...
      > ps
      > I do not apologize for my blatant honesty, it is the way I was raised.
      > And such honesty is a way of honoring the Elders of my family who are now passed trough the veil...
      >           Crick 
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    • Marie
      As a relative newbie to the pagan community I find it really difficult to expand my understanding of things in general. I read Book A that tells me one thing
      Message 2 of 6 , Jan 29, 2013
        As a relative newbie to the pagan community I find it really difficult to expand my understanding of things in general.
        I read Book A that tells me one thing and Book B tells me the exact opposite. I have no mentors who can pass down their knowledge and skills. I have to forage around and do the best with what I can find.
        Which is why finding some one like you is so exciting for me. You live the life and know what works and what doesn't.
        I'm going to start looking over the link you posted and wait (im)patiently for your lessons to start. :)

        --- In LancasterPaganCommunity@yahoogroups.com, Crickjump@... wrote:
        > Greetings Marie: After going back and re-reading my post, I could see that I came across honestly but perhaps a bit rough. No excuses, but I have had a sore tooth for two weeks now (going to the dentist on Saturday) and have been working a ton of over-time. At any rate, my experiences with Neo Pagans over the last 20 or so years have not been all that great. In my day, folks were expected to actually learn their trade, not just pretend to be this or that. I have met a couple of Neo Pagans who have earned my respect in the sense that they actually put in the work necessary to be considered adepts. But they are realistically few and far between. I stay in touch with some old school pagans down in Tenn., Missouri and North Carolina who could bring a wealth of knowledge to the Neo Pagan community. But they just aren't interested and one has to respect them for their positions. Who needs such headaches? If only I could learn that lesson (grin).
        > Anyway, enough of ranting, if you and others here are interested, it would be my pleasure to start sharing information on the flora and fauna that grows around the area.
        > Tracy will attest to this, I very rarely use commercial medicines, preferring to use what Gaia has provided us.
        > Moving on, she and I have a gathering with Twilight Meadows coven this Sunday and then I will turn my eye to starting what hopefully will be some useful information on herbs.
        > If you are looking for some free on line courses, please feel free to check out http://whisperingwood.homestead.com/Free-courses.html
        > I am also hard at work on a pagan scholar library which is in its infancy but growing. It can be found at http://paganscholarscorner.homestead.com/
        > Oh, and welcome to the gathering sister...
        > Crick
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