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South First, Festival, Hackathon, Flash, 'Les Dynamiques'

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  • ludolamy
    South First, Festival, Hackathon, Flash, Les Dynamiques 1. Fr Aug 5 6pm til late Francophile Arts & Culture SIG Free Event 2. Fr-Su Aug 5-7 Francophile
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      South First, Festival, Hackathon, Flash, 'Les Dynamiques'

      1. Fr Aug 5 6pm 'til late Francophile Arts & Culture SIG Free Event
      2. Fr-Su Aug 5-7 Francophile Music SIG Free Festival Ice Cream Social
      3. Sa Aug 6 9a-9pm Francophile Mobile SIG Free Hackathon
      4. Tu-Th Aug 9-11 Francophile Flash Memory SIG Free Summit
      5. Th Aug 11 6:30-11pm 'Les Dynamiques' Free Open Meeting


      The purpose of this newsletter is to connect, support each other,
      inform, and build a stronger Francophile community dedicated to
      helping people find fulfillment in their lives, relationships, and
      It is written for your benefit, and is available to interested others.
      Feel free to share this with friends.
      Your submissions and feedback are welcome!

      More Info at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LamyLudo/


      Fr Aug 5 6pm 'til late Francophile Arts & Culture SIG Free Event

      JOIN US for the next South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk on AUG 5th
      with STREET MRKT & ArtCar Fest.

      South FIRST FRIDAYS presents STREET MRKT plus ArtCar Fest 15th
      Anniversary Showcase featuring 30 mobile, street legal sculptures from
      around the bay area. Come to the SoFA District from 7–11pm for an
      inspired evening of arts & culture. Free and open to all ages.
      Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design – 366 South First St.
      Opening Reception: The Melting Kingdom by Dimitri Drjuchin
      Art Glass Center of San Jose – 465 South First St.
      Higher Fire Clayspace & Gallery – 499 South Market St.
      Firing a wood kiln is exciting and labor intensive requiring constant stoking
      and tending for as long as 12 days. Local ceramic artist Shawn Felts brings
      his wood-fired works to Higher Fire this August — blistered bourbon bottles
      and flasks as well as more traditional "wabi sabi" teabowls and serving items.
      KALEID gallery – 88 South Fourth St.
      Subatomic abstract realism: A worldwide acceleration where science and
      spirituality dances to the tune of the cosmos.
      MACLA Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana – 510 South First St.
      MACLA and Secos y Mojados Artist Collective is pleased to present A Body Parted.
      Phantom Galleries – art exhibits in vacant storefronts and alternative spaces
      66 South First St: Defragmentation 66 
An installation by Michele Guieu
      386 South First St: Street Swag Photo Booth photos by Abe Menor at SubZERO Festival 2010
      95 South Market St: Roundels sculptures by Gianfranco Paolozzi
      San Jose Jazz at Eulipia Restaurant – 374 South First St.
      San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – 520 South First St.
      Join us for the South First Friday Salon: Make a beautiful sculptural origami lotus
      out of yarn and paper, and check out our gigantic knitted yarn flowers.
      SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery – 577 South Market St.
      The SLG Art Boutiki features the return of its popular show The Modern
      Primitives Cultural Research and Cocktail Society.
      Works San Jose – 365 South Market St.
      Five artists from Oaxaca confront aspects of artistic, personal, and cultural emancipation:
      Caffé Frascati – 315 South First St.
      Cheating Time: Constructing a Praxis of Juncture by Trina Merry
      Bodypaint is a temporary medium which changes into a different painting
      almost as soon as the artist has set it onto the skin and
      as the human canvas performs & models in it.
      Downtown Yoga Shala – 450 South First St.
      Good Karma Vegan Café – 37 South First St.
      What are dreams? Where do they come from?
      METRO Photo Exhibit – 550 South First St.
      Pho69 – 321 South First St.
      Pho69 also features live contemporary music on First Fridays.
      Come check out local bands performing favorite covers and original music.
      Psycho Donuts – 288 South Second St.
      Psycho Donuts in downtown San Jose is a quirky donut shop and art gallery.
      South First Billiards & Lounge – 420 South First St.
      Artists' reception includes Aztec dance, live music by The Blank Manuscript, and more!
      5-9pm ALL AGES. 9pm-close 21+ venue.
      TechShop San Jose – 300 South Second St.
      Made At TechShop
      We have turned the lobby of TechShop San Jose into a gallery space for the night
      to showcase artwork and projects that TechShop members have made!
      Art Ark – 1035 South Sixth St.
      Welcome to Coyote Creek'
      City waterways provide residents, housed and un-housed, an escape to nature.


      SoFA district in downtown San Jose
      (on South First Street between San Carlos & Reed Streets)


      Fr-Su Aug 5-7 Francophile Music SIG Free Festival Ice Cream Social
      'Target Summer Pops'
      A FREE summer music festival, sponsored with media support.
      All performances held on the grassy mall at San Jose State University.
      * Enter at 4th Street and West San Carlos Street, San Jose, CA
      * Plentiful parking available nearby.
      * Bring a picnic lunch or supper and your beach chair.
      * Relax on the campus lawn well away from the din of traffic.
      * Enjoy the music of summer.

      Friday 7:00pm August 5
      Noche Caliente: Target Latin Night
      Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca bring hot Latin dance rhythms and smooth
      world music beats to a special evening of Latin music. Special guests,
      pyrotechnic San Jose Taiko, open the concert for a true evening of World Music.
      Noche Caliente: Latin Night

      Saturday 7:00pm August 6
      Big Band Dance Hits
      This summer, "Your Hit Parade" brings back the swinging sounds of the 30's,
      40's & 50's Big Band hits, with special emphasis on the dance music of the era!

      Sunday 5:30pm August 7
      Hurray for Hollywood
      Pops conductor extraordinaire Michael Berkowitz brings a night of Hollywood
      glamour and classic themes from the movies.
      Savor free ice cream and the music from your favorite blockbusters.


      Sa Aug 6 9a-9pm Francophile Mobile SIG Free Hackathon
      Join us for the event stay for the reception.
      Dev-ing. Mobile. Good food. Awesome prizes.
      Mobile App Hackathon is an event for mobile developers to come together,
      network, learn about new technologies, build mobile apps, get fed, compete
      for prizes across different categories and most importantly: meet new people
      and scout for teammates to work on new or current projects.

      Here is a quick overview of the schedule:
      •9:00a Registration and Breakfast + Networking + Start Coding if you want!
      •10:00a Lightning Talks
      •12:00p Lunch is Served!
      •6:00p App Submission Deadline
      •6:30p App Demos
      •7:30p Content Winners Announced & Drinks!

      PayPal HQ
      2211 North 1st Street
      San Jose, CA 95131


      Tu-Th Aug 9-11 Francophile Flash Memory SIG Free Summit
      Join us for Exhibits & Open Sessions and stay for the receptions.
      For a free pass Register by Aug 6 at
      You will learn about latest developments in flash memory, learn to
      design with the latest flash chips, find new tools for developing flash
      applications, hear about the latest market trends, find new ways to
      replace disks in applications, identify new applications for non-volatile
      memory, find new methods for reducing power consumption.

      It is ideal for consumer applications such as cellphones, digital cameras,
      and music players, and is also useful in computers, communications
      systems, and military/defense applications. It can replace hard disks
      for storage in applications where its higher cost is balanced by its
      smaller size, greater ruggedness, and lower power consumption.

      Exhibits Summit Hours
      Wednesday, Aug 10th Noon-2:00pm & 5:30-7:30pm
      Thursday, Aug 11th Noon-2:00pm

      Santa Clara Convention Center
      5001 Great America Pkwy.
      Santa Clara, CA 95054


      Th Aug 11 6:30-11pm 'Les Dynamiques' Free Open Meeting

      *Santana Row
      *Chili's Grill and Bar
      *377 Santana Row, Suite 1090
      *San Jose, CA 95128
      * 408-241-9880
      The Driving directions / Map are incorrect but it is really in
      Santana Row at Winchester Blvd and Olin Av

      Visit Parking :

      Every second Thursday of the month 'Les Dynamiques' provides
      a unique forum for French and Francophiles to exchange ideas,tips,
      and contacts.
      -You will gather information about events, parties, outings,housings,
      jobs, internships, education, moving, living tips,etc.
      -You will receive help in getting connected with other people and
      with each of your local communities as they work to build stronger
      communities and strengthen community bonds.

      It is the best way to start new contacts and develop
      relationship among people with the same Franco-international affinities.

      Everyone is welcome. Free discussions, gifts and no cover charge.

      Share a dinner, a drink, and a chat.

      Free and open to the public.


      To secure a larger room RSVPs appreciated


      LamyLudo's group is a benefit-all community offering activities,
      resources and services for Francophiles.
      Our mission is :
      Bonding, Bridging, Connecting, Helping, Networking, Sharing
      With Francophile Communities.
      The worldwide largest
      Francophile Cultures & Community Yahoo Group.
      See ranking at http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/dir/1600043339
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