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Innovation, BACNDW, Philosophy , Jazz , Business, International ,Salsa

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    Innovation, BACNDW, Philosophy , Jazz , Business, International ,Salsa 1. Fr Apr 24 7-10:30pm Francophile Innovation SIG Free Event 2. Fr-Su Apr 24-Mai 03
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      Innovation, BACNDW, Philosophy , Jazz , Business, International ,Salsa

      1. Fr Apr 24 7-10:30pm Francophile Innovation SIG Free Event
      2. Fr-Su Apr 24-Mai 03 Francophile Dancing SIG Free BACNDW
      3. Sa Apr 25 9:30a-4:30pm Francophile Philosophy SIG Free Conference
      4. Tu Apr 28 7pm Francophile Jazz SIG Free Lecture
      5. Th Apr 30 12-1pm Francophile Business SIG Free Event
      6. Th Apr 30 3-5pm Francophile International SIG Free Event
      7. Th Apr 30 7-9pm Francophile Salsa SIG Free Lessons


      The purpose of this newsletter is to connect, support each other,
      inform, and build a stronger Francophile community dedicated to
      helping people find fulfillment in their lives, relationships, and
      It is written for your benefit, and is available to
      interested others.
      Feel free to share this with friends.
      Your submissions and feedback are welcome!

      More Info at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LamyLudo/


      Fr Apr 24 7-10:30pm Francophile Innovation SIG Free Event
      QB1: Staring At You Premiering QB1,
      a robot that alters the fundamentals of human-machine interaction

      Cost: Free but RSVP required

      7:00 pm Doors open, networking reception
      7:30 pm Conference talk by Frédéric Kaplan and Martino d'Esposito
      8:00 pm Reception and QB1 demonstration setting –
      sound environment by Christopher Willits / Overlap
      10:30 pm Doors close

      Swissnex San Francisco
      730 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

      Although great progress has been made on keyboards, monitors and
      mouses in recent decades, user-computer relationships are stuck on
      one major hinge: regardless of technological advances, it is always
      the user who must make a move, both physically and mentally, to
      the computer, and adjust to the machine's environment.

      Engineer Frédéric Kaplan and designer Martino d'Esposito are
      determined to reverse this process. The Lausanne-based duo
      (Kaplan is an artificial intelligence researcher at EPFL, the Federal
      Institute of Technology in Lausanne; d'Esposito is a designer who
      also teaches at ECAL, the University of Art and Design Lausanne)
      have started designing machines able to identify their user,
      put forward choices and perform services.

      A prototype robot named "Wizkid" had a first outing in February
      2008 on the occasion of the "Design and the Elastic Mind" exhibition
      at the New York Museum of Modern Art. swissnex San Francisco
      is proud to present the North American premiere of a much more
      sophisticated robot called QB1.

      QB1 will be presented in a special environment: the robot itself
      will be in full demonstration mode in our lobby (thanks to a special
      setting elaborated in collaboration with Zinc Details), while our
      event space displays a "behind the scenes" panel exhibit and hosts
      an introductory conference by Frédéric Kaplan and Martino
      d'Esposito, revealing all the work hidden within the robot.

      Digital composer and textured guitar whiz Christopher Willits and
      the Overlap collective will also be with us, providing a live sound
      environment directly inspired by QB1- expect generative sound
      creations as well as Djing interventions from one of the Bay Area's
      most talented constellation of electronic artists.


      Fr-Su Apr 24-Mai 03 Francophile Dancing SIG Free BACNDW
      Bay Area Celebrates National Dance Week (BACNDW) is pleased
      to announce the eleventh annual festival of free classes, performances
      open rehearsals and lecture demonstrations.
      BACNDW is an annual week of FREE dance events in the Bay Area
      that are open to the public.
      National Dance Week showcases the
      dynamic diversity and critically-acclaimed quality of Bay Area dance,
      to educate audiences about dance that is accessible in their own
      communities, and to increase the visibility of individual artists,
      companies, studios, and theaters.
      This year's festival once again offers a huge roster of programs –
      including free classes, performances, rehearsals, lecture
      demonstrations and studio open houses - giving a wide-angle view
      of the many and varied styles of dance practiced in the region.
      Ranging from established company programs to one-time events,
      Bay Area National Dance Week is an opportunity for dance-lovers
      of all ages and levels of experience to take a grand tour of many
      movement styles, including ballet, modern, Argentine tango, classical
      Indian, jazz, hip hop, traditional hula, fire dance, Samba, Chinese
      classical, belly dance, aerial dance, West African, contact improv
      and more!
      For questions about National Dance Week events visit


      Sa Apr 25 9:30a-4:30pm Francophile Philosophy SIG Free Conference
      Bay-Area Comparative Philosophy Conference 2009 Term
      SJSU Center for Comparative Philosophy Conference Series
      Co-sponsor: Department of Philosophy

      Panel I: "On Methodological Issues of Comparative Philosophy"
      9:30-10:15 Mohammad Azadpur (Philosophy, San Francisco State
      University): "Comparative Philosophy as Phenomenology"
      10:15-11:00 Bo Mou (Philosophy, SJSU): "On Constructive-
      EngagementMethodological Strategy in Comparative Philosophy"

      Panel II: "Buddhist Approach to the Issue of Free Will"
      11:15-12 Daniel Veidlinger (Philosophy, California State University
      at Chico): "Free Will in Buddhism and How that Interfaces with the
      System of Karma"
      Commentator: Karin Brown (Philosophy, SJSU)

      12-1 Lunch

      Panel III: Roundtable Discussion Forum "New Directions in Studies
      of Chinese Philosophy: In View of Comparative Philosophy"
      1-1:45 Justin Tiwald (Philosophy, San Francisco State University):
      "New Directions in Studies of Confucianism"
      1:45-2:30 Esther C. Su (Foundation of Chinese Philosophy and Culture):
      "On Contemporary Scholarship of Chinese Philosophy"
      Discussants: Chanh Phan (Humanities, SJSU), Bo Mou

      Panel IV: "The Future of Philosophy: From the Perspective of Latin
      American Philosophy"
      2:45-3:30 Alejandro Vallega (Philosophy, California State University
      at Stanislaus): "Other Beginnings: What Might be the Future of
      Philosophy in Light of the Philosophy of Liberation in Latin America?"
      Commentator: Carlos Sanchez (Philosophy, SJSU)

      Panel V: "On Knowledge: from the Point of View of Comparative
      3:45-4:30 Noam Cook (Philosophy, SJSU): "Two Views on
      Knowledge and Practice"
      Panelist: Kazuyuki Kozawa (Aichi Gakuin University, Japan)

      King Library, 5th Floor , Cultural Heritage Mtg. Rm,
      150 E. San Fernando St.
      San José, CA 95112
      Please RSVP to Bo Mou : bo.mou@...
      More Info: 408-924-4513


      Tu Apr 28 7pm Francophile Jazz SIG Free Lecture
      jazz appreciation month
      Free Jazz Lectures Every Tuesday In April
      How did you take that picture? Insight from the photographers
      For the final presentation in our Jazz Appreciation Month lecture series,
      two Bay Area jazz photographers, Andy Nozaka and Walter Wagner,
      will talk about their love of music and discuss the way they express
      that passion through photography. Listening to these veteran
      photographers of the jazz world will provide a deeper understanding
      of the photographer's vision. They will also be sharing some
      behind-the-scenes stories of great moments in jazz.

      In celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month 2009, San Jose Jazz and
      the Tech Museum are teaming up to create an enriching series of 4
      free lectures for fellow music enthusiasts.
      Remember, these lectures are absolutely FREE. So come on down to
      the Tech Museum any Tuesday evening in April and soak up the
      wealth of experience and insight offered by these great speakers.
      We hope to see you there!

      When: Every Tuesday in April, (April 7, 14, 22, 28), from 7-8pm
      Where: at the Tech Museum, 201 S. Market St., San Jose, CA 95112
      access through Park Ave Entrance, right around the corner.

      About Jazz Appreciation Month
      This is an effort, led by the Smithsonian Institution's National
      Museum of American History, to draw greater public attention
      to the extraordinary heritage and history of jazz and its importance
      as an American cultural heritage. In addition, JAM is intended to
      stimulate the current jazz scene and encourage people of all ages
      to participate in jazz—to study the music, attend concerts, listen to
      jazz on radio and recordings, read books about jazz,
      and support institutional jazz programs.


      Th Apr 30 12-1pm Francophile Business SIG Free Event

      Every Thursday 12-1pm Francophile Business SIG Free Event
      Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium Spring 2009

      Apr. 30th Mr. Farhat Ali
      President & Chief Executive Officer - Fujitsu America, Inc.

      Since Fall 2002, the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering has
      hosted the Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium (SVLS). The Symposium
      hosts industry and technology leaders to talk about business and
      technology trends. It also features prominent leaders who discuss
      broader societal and political issues that shape our life and
      For more information contact Dr. Ahmed Hambaba, Associate Dean of
      Graduate & Extended Studies, College of Engineering:
      The symposia take place every Thursday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in the
      Engineering building auditorium, ENG 189.
      College of Engineering @ San Jose State University
      One Washington Square San Jose CA-95192


      Th Apr 30 3-5pm Francophile International SIG Free Event
      Join Us for the symposium followed by the reception.
      College of Social Sciences' Symposium on Immigration'
      At the Symposium, keynote speaker Kevin Johnson, Dean of the Law
      School at U.C. Davis, will be speaking about his latest book
      "Opening the Floodgates: Why America needs to rethink Its Borders
      and Immigration Laws," (NYU Press 2007).
      Following such will be a panelist response, and a Q and A session.
      Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, Room 225/229
      150 E. San Fernando St.
      San José, CA 95112


      Th Apr 30 7-9pm Francophile Salsa SIG Free Lessons
      In its sixth year of operation.
      Ask Jimmy for the Francophiles.
      We have -free Salsa lessons offered this week.
      Access the website for directions and more info.
      Thursdays: Beginning: 7:00 - 7:50; Intermediate: 8:00 - 9:00
      Miraido Village Apt. Clubhouse
      550 N. 6th St. San Jose, CA 95112
      Contact: Jimmy B 408-568-9547 jimmy@...


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