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Salsa,F&A,Swingers,LeCercleRouge,Les Dynamiques

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  • ludolamy
    Salsa,F&A,Swingers,LeCercleRouge,Les Dynamiques 1.Fr Mai 2 8pm Francophile Salsa SIG Free Lessons 2.Fr Mai 2 8:49pm F&A mingling,dancing,or dining PaloAlto
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2003
      Salsa,F&A,Swingers,LeCercleRouge,Les Dynamiques

      1.Fr Mai 2 8pm Francophile Salsa SIG Free Lessons
      2.Fr Mai 2 8:49pm F&A mingling,dancing,or dining PaloAlto
      3.Sa Mai 3 11am-2pm Francophile Swingers SIG Lindy in the Palms
      4.We Mai 7 19 8:10pm Le Cercle Rouge (The Red Circle)
      5.Th Mai 8 630->11pm 'Les Dynamiques' Free Meeting

      The purpose of this newsletter is to connect, support each other,
      inform, and build a stronger Francophile community dedicated to
      helping people find fulfillment in their lives, relationships, and partnerships.
      It is written for your benefit, and is available to interested others.
      Feel free to share this with friends. Your submissions and
      feedback are welcome!

      More Info at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LamyLudo/

      Fr Mai 2 8pm Francophile Salsa SIG Free Lessons
      Ask Jimmy, Patricia or Bruno for the francophiles.
      We have free lessons offered at two locations this week.
      Access the website for directions and more info.
      FRIDAY Cost: Free
      Beginning: 6:00 - 7:30 ; Intermediate: 6:30 – 8pm
      CET (Center for Employment Training) Room 127 (Cafeteria)
      701 Vine St. San Jose, CA 95112
      Contact: Jimmy B 408-568-9547 jimmy@...

      Fri Mai 2 8:49pm F&A mingling,dancing,or dining PaloAlto
      JOIN US on the patio for a evening of
      dining, dancing, or mingling under the music of
      ' Busta Groove'at Fanny & Alexander 412 Emerson St. Palo Alto
      http://www.fannyalexander.com (650) 326-7183
      No cover charge with dinner or before 9pm, $8.00 after 9pm
      >From 101 Take the University Avenue Exit.
      Turn RIGHT On to Emerson St.

      Sa Mai 3 11am-2pm Francophile Swingers SIG Lindy in the Palms
      That's right, Lindy the Palms is back! We'll be dancing outside in San Jose
      this Saturday! Come join us! You can also come and watch!
      Jeanne, Kevin and the gang. FREE (donations of $3 is suggested)
      WHERE: Outside San Jose Museum of Art at Market & San Fernando St
      WEAR: Wear: light, comfortable casual clothes to dance in. Think
      layers. Ifyou don't have dance shoes, you can wear shoes with a smooth, leather
      bottom or"tennis" shoes that have a smooth, level bottom.
      If you ever watched those old Gap commercials that had dancers wearing khakis
      leaping through the air with swing music in the background, that's
      Lindy Hop, aform of Swing dance. We won't be doing any flying aerials, but we
      will teach you the basics of Lindy Hop, so you can experience swing from the
      1940's, when big bands were in, Frankie Manning was dancing in Harlem nightclubs and DeanCollins was twirling his partner Jewel McGowan on the big Hollywood screen.
      Come early to take the lesson and stay to dance. Beginners welcome!
      You can also watch southbay dancers "cut a rug" with this energetic dance!
      Michael Quebec will be teaching "Hollywood-style" Lindy-Hop, as well as basics
      in East-Coast Swing & "classic" Savoy-style. Beginners are encouraged
      andwelcome! After the lesson, there will be general dancing. Michael and
      otherswill help out beginners if you have any questions. This is a friendly
      group you'll enjoy meeting!11am - 11:30am - Swing dance lesson
      (beginners welcome!)11:30am - 2pm - General dancing
      MORE INFO: http://www.lindyinthepalms.com

      We Mai 7 19 8:10pm Le Cercle Rouge (The Red Circle)
      JOIN us for the screening of Le Cercle Rouge (The Red Circle)
      Mention LUDO'S GROUP and ask for a $5.75 discount Ticket
      Discussions Before and After Showing on site at
      Camera 3 (408) 998-3300, 288 South Second St., San Jose 95113
      For the First Time in the U.S., the Full-Length Version of the 1970
      French Gangster Classic, Fully Restored! Directed by Jean-Pierre
      Melville (Bob Le Flambeur, Le Samourai). Starring Alain Delon,
      Yves Montand and Gian Maria Volonte. Melville's masterpiece o
      Gallic gangsterism brings together three archetypal tough guys for
      their appointment with destiny in the "red circle". "A dazzling,
      super-cool epic of love, guns, gangsters and cigarettes, the beautifully
      restored and newly subtitled Le Cercle Rouge-- like everything else
      worth loving--is impossible to forget."--L.A. Times.
      French with English subtitles. Not Rated.
      Opens Friday at the Castro and May 9 at the Rafael Film Center.

      Th Mai 8 630->11pm 'Les Dynamiques' Free Meeting
      Every second thursday of the month 'Les Dynamiques' provides
      a unique forum for francophiles to exchange ideas, tips, and contacts.
      -You will gather information about events, parties, outings, housings, jobs,
      internships, education, moving, living tips, etc.
      -You will receive help in getting connected with other people and with each
      of your local communities as they work to build stronger communities
      and strengthen community bonds.
      It is the best way to start new contacts and develop relationship
      among people with the same franco-international affinities.
      Everyone is welcome. Free discussions, gifts and no cover charge.
      Share a dinner, a drink, and a chat. Attendance + 56.
      Free and open to the public. RSVPs no required.
      Comme tous les 2emes jeudi du mois, les francophiles du monde se
      reunissent pour bavarder autour d'une table bien remplie (+56 personnes).
      Restaurant El Torito 18h30 ->23h
      10330 North Wolfe Rd., ( between 280 Wolfe exit & Stevens Creek Blvd)
      Cupertino CA 95014-2508
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