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RE: [Lambeth_Cyclists] Paxton Green Roundabout Improvements - deadline 18 Oct 2013

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    Jess, I share your concerns. As I cycle regularly over this roundabout as I live just by it. Large multi-lane roundabouts are dangerous and threatening,
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      Jess, I share your concerns.   As I cycle regularly over this roundabout as I live just by it.   Large multi-lane roundabouts are dangerous and threatening, especially with multi lane entrances.  Add being on a steep “hill”, and the A2199 Strategic Road that is extremely busy peak, and very fast off-peak is not a good combination for cyclists, motorcyclists nor pedestrians.  In the “Trial” Officers reduced general traffic to “single lane” on three entrances/exits in total.   And as you say, the “Trial” of the pavement build out with the “single lane” Gipsy Road exit, created its own new dangers.


      In the current proposal, the exit into Gipsy Road is now clearly “two lanes” with a separate marked left filter for turning into Gipsy Hill.   Lets have a look at the detailed plans and the Open Day and see if that may work better.


      I have supported putting  a new raised Zebra over the Gipsy Road arm.  This would help slow traffic, help pedestrians and allows to connect another potential cycle track connecting from South Croxted Road to Gipsy Hill, which is one of the most dangerous routes to cycle.  But offices say there is insufficient funds at present.


      One new segregated cycle track is being proposed (connecting LCN23) from Alleyn Park to Dulwich Wood Avenue.  This widened pavement was not being proposed in the Nov12 consultation.  With the new Quietway route planning that is ongoing, Southwark Cyclists could propose this cycle track route into their CJSG discussion with Southwark.


      During the “Trial” how did you find the exit off the roundabout towards South Croxted Road during the “Trial”, (changing roundabout exit there from “3 lanes” down to “2 lanes”) as this being kept in the current proposal now.


      Francis B







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      Thanks, I might try to go to the open day as I use this junction all the time and it's tricky to navigate.

      Coming from South Croxted Rd and turning right for Gipsy Hill is the worst approach and I often chicken out and do it on foot when traffic is busy. Coming out of SCR you have to get in the way of both lanes of traffic in order to position yourself correctly so you can turn right and immediately get left to go up Gipsy Hill. Plus traffic coming down Dulwich Wood Park and going straight on to Gipsy Rd often doesn't see any necessity to stop at all for the roundabout, so you're in danger of just getting mown down.

      I went through it when they had put lots of plastic barriers up to simulate the proposed road changes. One of these was where there is a purple section on the map for "proposed footway widening" before the turn into Gipsy Hill. It forced cyclists back out into the main stream of traffic, so making the problem even worse. I really hope they don't implement that, it felt very dangerous. I don't see the reasoning for it at all. None of the other changes felt very different.

      I don't know what they could do to make the right-then-left turn better, but I think they've just made it worse here.



      On 30/09/2013 23:45, Fe wrote:


      There is a Paxton Green Roundabout Improvements "Open Day" this Thursday, Kingsdale, between 5:15 – 7:30 PM (3/10/2013)


      I’ve chased already, but I can’t as yet find this consultation on Southwark’ s website.  I’ve scanned my hardcopy proposal for public consultation that arrived today in the post fyi.


      I would be interested to know your comments good/ bad/ indifferent.


      Consultation deadline for comments: 18th October 2013


      Francis B


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