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Re: [Lambeth_Cyclists] Fwd: Sainsbury's meeting

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  • golovyov
    In the course of the hustings for the Brixton Hill ward by-election, it emerged here that there were at least six LCC members in the ward, and LCN25 runs right
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2013
      In the course of the hustings for the Brixton Hill ward by-election, it emerged here that there were at least six LCC members in the ward, and LCN25 runs right in front of the new councillor Martin Tiedemann's home, so we should manage a presence. I will try and go along. 


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      Further to my earlier message, it looks like there will be a meeting on 19 March.  It would be a good idea if one or two of our members living locally, or regularly using that part of LCN25, went along.  The cycling perspective is often somewhat different from what local residents' groups will say, even if many local residents cycle.  I suggest anyone interested should contact Peter Lennard.


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      David Woods of Leander Road has brokered a possible meeting with Sainsbury's for 19th March at 18:30 - 20:00 and seeks a representative from all local groups. Possible pre-meeting at 7.30pm on 6th March at Mango Landing.  I think someone from Lambeth Cyclists should attend.

      I think as an addition for the agenda we should politely, non-confrontationally but formally request that  Sainsbury commission an independent Transport Assessment, and provide them with a copy of the section of the Unitary Development Plan which requires this. So far Lambeth Councillors are operating a 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil...' policy and are not replying (yet, anyway) to my emails on this subject.

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      Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 19:10:12 -0000

      Subject: Sainsbury's meeting

      Evening all

      Sainsbury's have agreed to meet a small group of residents representatives
      in order to discuss our concerns and outline what they might be willing to

      They have proposed 18:30-20:00 on Tues 19th March.  They also offered Tues
      12th March, but I'm away then and would really like to attend.

      Can everyone make the 19th? Or the 12th if this is really bad for everyone?
      We need to keep this to no more than 8-10 people, it's a small, informal
      discussion aimed at trying to work with them rather than a public meeting.
      That said, I think we should agree what we will raise and then consult our
      respective "members" with the list of issues and ask if they want us to
      raise anything else on their behalf. Main ones are traffic lights, road
      calming, parking, opening hours/deliveries, jobs & training for local
      people. Anything else?

      James, Louise, are you OK for me to represent Leander Road? I'm thinking we
      should have a minimum of
      - Mary (Tulse Hill Forum)
      - Leander
      - Peter (Arlingford/Brailsford)
      - Tim (JAG)

      We should probably also invite representatives from
      - Water Lane
      - Effra Road forum
      - St Mathews Estate
      - Tulse Hill Estate residents association

      Anyone else?



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