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Brixton Central Square - last chance for anything to be implemented

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  • janet paske
    If anyone could go to the meeting Monday 5th December it would be very useful – see below. If you can’t could you email the councillors whose emails are
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
      If anyone could go to the meeting Monday 5th December it would be very
      useful – see below. If you can’t could you email the councillors whose
      emails are provided at the bottom of the email?

      Toren said that it is very unusual for the Exec to throw out a proposal
      without reasons – and is exploring possibilities to challenge this, if
      necessary. He admitted putting the project into 2 phases was the only way of
      getting it through.

      It was stopped by the group around Saltertoun Road campaigning against it

      * partly on grounds of security,
      * partly on grounds of their roads being converted to rat runs.
      Lambeth couldn’t or wouldn’t put in money to do a travel model of the area,
      and hence the rat run argument cannot be knocked on the head. TfL won’t pay
      for it as it is not a TfL road.

      The hope is that a change in political complexion next year might see a
      change of mind.

      In the meantime let’s hope that £8m of external funding available to Lambeth
      will not be turned away.




      Message from Toren Smith regarding Brixton Square meeting on Monday...

      > Tim,
      > It was a pleasure to come along to the meeting last night. Thank you
      > for
      > putting me on your email tree and I will do my best to attend future
      > meetings.
      > I mentioned that I would drop you a line about the Brixton central
      > Square
      > proposals which are to be discussed at the Council's Executive meeting
      > on
      > Monday (5th December, Room 8, 7pm). As you will be aware, the aim of
      > the
      > Central Square project has been to create an improvement to the centre
      > of
      > Brixton by reducing congestion, upgrading the pedestrian environment
      > and
      > creating additional high quality open space, in line with the Mayor of
      > London's 'Making Space for Londoners' initiative. At the meeting on
      > 10th
      > October, the Council's Executive were asked to endorse a report to
      > proceed
      > with the detailed design of the Central Square project and to allow
      > work to
      > begin on the consents required to build the square. Unfortunately, they
      > decided to throw out the proposals and reject £8 million of Transport
      > for
      > London and Government investment to improve the public realm in central
      > Brixton. As things currently stand, there is no Central Square
      > project and
      > the six years of work to reach this point have been wasted.
      > A scrutiny committee within the Council has forced them to reconsider
      > and
      > this will be discussed at the meeting on Monday.
      > If anybody from JAG could attend the meeting or even better, speak up
      > for
      > the scheme, this would be tremendously helpful. The key argument is the
      > contribution the scheme can make to tackling crime in Brixton as the
      > scheme
      > will improve lighting, take away public street clutter that gives drug
      > dealers an opportunity to stash their materials, improve CCTV and
      > provide
      > purpose for the area - such as a café that can reclaim the area from
      > anti
      > social elements. It is also worth noting that these proposals have been
      > endorsed strongly by the former and current Police Commanders for the
      > Borough. Emails to some key councillors would also be beneficial. The
      > councillors to target with an emails are as follows:
      > ptruesdale@... (Council Leader)
      > jwhelan@... (Council Deputy Leader)
      > asawdon@... (Executive Member for Transport)
      > alumsden@... (Executive Member for Finance)
      > Thanks
      > Toren


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