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Re: [Lambeth_Cyclists] Re: Brixton North Consultation

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  • Andrewweir1@aol.com
    Wise and well considered document. Apologies for not reporting back from one of the consultation meetings I attend on LC behalf a few months ago, but all the
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      Wise and well considered document. Apologies for not reporting back from one of the consultation meetings I attend on LC behalf a few months ago, but all the points I raised there have alread been taken care of in this response. 


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      Subject: [Lambeth_Cyclists] Re: Brixton North Consultation

      Draft Lambeth Cyclists response for comment today please, ready to submit tomorrow (deadline day).

      Lambeth Cyclists response to North Brixton NEP consultation, Dec `12

      We do not consider that the plans currently proposed are sufficient to meet Lambeth Council's Transport Strategy aim to "promote sustainable, healthy travel behaviour" and therefore are not going sufficiently far to meeting the other key aims stated on the website.

      The traffic calming measures proposed will not reduce traffic volumes and speeds sufficiently to encourage children and nervous adult cyclists to use these supposedly minor streets. Additionally some of the traffic calming measures proposed create pinch-points that are uncomfortable for people riding bikes as they have to jostle for space with drivers.

      In particular we do not consider enough action has been taken to
      a) avoid motor vehicles rat-running through back streets, to the disadvantage of those who live, work and study in the area,
      b) deter the undesirable use of motor vehicles for most very short journeys.

      We note:
      a) The lower section of the North Brixton NEP, is in Coldharbour ward, which has one of the lowest levels of car ownership in the country. From the 2001 census 60% of households do not have access to a car or van.
      b) Traffic models use an average of 80% of journeys of 5 miles or less and 50% as 2 miles or less.
      c) In response to a Mayoral Question TfL confirmed that 46% of motor vehicle
      journeys coming into Lambeth are 2 miles or less.

      Within the area bounded by Brixton Road, Coldharbour Lane, and Loughborough Road (or, arguably, Camberwell New Rd) there is every reason to prevent through, rat running, private motor vehicle traffic.

      The same applies to the northern part of the North Brixton NEP within the area bounded by Stockwell Road, Clapham Road and Brixton Road (and, arguably, Caldwell Street).

      There should be provision for drivers to access buildings in the area, and through-routes for buses and emergency motor-vehicles. Beyond that the priority must be to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport rather than drive short distances.

      To achieve this a system of filtered permeability is required.

      In the Southern part of the North Brixton NEP mode filters, road closures,
      comprising simple build outs to reduce the road width to a suitable width for an emergency vehicle, with a removable post locked with an FB key (see the proposal for the Cambria Rd road closure) are needed as follows:

      Barrington Rd under the railway line or at a junction further along the road.

      On Popes Rd between Canterbury Crescent and Brixton Station Rd except for deliveries at the start and finish of the market period.
      If Popes Rd goes one-way as planned there needs to be cyclist exemption.

      Brixton Station Road no-vehicles by the leisure centre should be made `no motor vehicles' with two-way cycling on any one-way section, and Electric Avenue one-way should be made `Except Cyclists'. Cyclists should be permitted to turn right from Electric Avenue onto Brixton Road.

      Gresham Rd and Atlantic Rd should have permitted access for buses, emergency vehicles, and cycles only, except for deliveries to businesses between specified times, for instance, 10.00 am and 12.00 midday and 2.00 to 4.00 Mon to Sun.

      Filtering out the rat running traffic, as above, will remove the need for expensive measures to reduce motor traffic speeds to 20mph (though a 20mph limit should be installed regardless).

      However Gresham Road is wide enough and sufficiently free of parking, to allow a 1.5m cycle lane either side of the road all along it, in addition to the above, rather than road narrowings/ped'n refuges.

      If it is decided to allow rat-running traffic to continue to use the area then the following is needed:

      Pedestrian crossing on raised table

      Cycle lanes as described above rather than ped'n refuges/pinch-points. (see http://www.brentcyclists.org.uk/sites/default/files/Newsletter%20Dec12.pdf )

      On Gresham rd sinusoidal tables at junctions rather than cushions to encourage walking through the area as well as cycling.

      Lambeth Cyclists do not want cushions used to reduce speeds as they encourage people to cycle in the most dangerous position close to the kerb.

      Atlantic Road should have a permitted right turn into Coldharbour Lane for cyclists.

      We support Western Rd being made two-way for cyclists

      There needs to be a cycle gap through the existing road closure at junction of Canterbury Crescent and Brixton Rd

      Sidney Road / Robsart Street
      We don't consider the raised four-way junction to be adequate and recommend filtered permeability bollards put across Robsart St to east of Stockwell Park Road, and on Stockwell Park Road to north of Sidney Street/Robsart Street.
      Fall Back option: Consider removing railing to Slade Green and adapting road to suggest it's part of the park – e.g. extend Slade Green park across road using sets that grass can grow around rather than tarmac (http://www.colourbox.com/image/grass-grows-throughthe-road-paving-image-4712961) and making play zone, with pavement and tarmac cycle lanes, and ban some motor traffic turns in/out at end of road to reduce rat-running.

      The deviating width of the road makes it challenging for cyclists, especially novices/children. A particular example is the pinch-point ped'n refuge/buildout by Ayton Road. Look to replace with Zebra Crossing or sinusoidal humps. It should be possible to remove motor vehicle parking from these roads, alter buildouts/pavement widths and install 1.5m cycle lanes on each side. The little on-street car parking could be relocated to the Ingleborough Street bollarded `dead bit', though better to use this area as park or allotments.

      All speed cushions need to be replaced with full width sinusoidal humps.

      Cycle parking is needed outside businesses by Ayton Road.

      St Michael's Road
      Install bollarded filtered permeability at junction with Stockwell Park Crescent to prevent rat-running.

      Broomgrove Road – remove a car parking space at the western end and have dropped kerb to make formal through route for cyclists (currently popular unofficial one requiring dismount).

      Stockwell Park Walk
      Remove sign to demolished Popes Road Car Park

      Lambeth Cyclists support:
      20mph zone - A 20mph zone will help to tackle speeding vehicles and will make it easier for cyclists and pedestrians
      More greenery on streets - Suggestions include more trees, raised planters, gardens and even parklets – these are parts of the road converted into mini-parks.
      Trees on pavements - A number of locations have been identified for new trees.
      A loading bay in Sidney Road - To help local businesses with deliveries from larger vehicles
      Potential parking changes - Some residents' bays can be converted to resident, business and pay and display bays to allow visitors and tradesmen to park without reducing residents' spaces. Another proposal is to change the existing bay at St Martins Road to change to residents only.
      Legible London - Maps and signs to be installed to help pedestrians find their way are now being rolled out across London and will be part of the improvements to the area.
      Zebra crossings - These are proposed for Gresham Road, and Coldharbour Lane between Brixton Road and Atlantic Road.

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