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Re: Stockwell consultation d/l this Friday (Neighbourh'd Enhancement Programme)

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  • Charlie Holland
    Final draft. Comments today, for submission on d/line tomorrow: Lambeth Cyclists response to Stockwell NEP Consultation We start our reply noting and
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 6, 2012
      Final draft. Comments today, for submission on d/line tomorrow:

      Lambeth Cyclists response to Stockwell NEP Consultation

      We start our reply noting and supporting the prominence accorded to the following statement on Lambeth's website:

      In line with our transport strategy we aim to:

      promote sustainable, healthy travel behaviour
      improve air quality
      reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured in road collisions
      reduce Lambeth's CO2 emissions

      In our view, while we support many items, the proposed works do not currently meet this strategy.

      1. We object strongly to the plans to make Wyvil Road one-way and to open up Miles Street to through motor traffic for the following reasons:

      a) The imminent redevelopment of the Sainsburys store into a larger retail and residential centre, amidst the wider development of the VNEB area, demands that measures are put in place now to reduce rat-running, lessen the appeal of using motor cars in the area, and increase the appeal of walking and cycling. The plans do the opposite to those stated in the strategy.
      b) Opening up Miles Street nurtures motor traffic, particularly using Fentiman Road as a rat-run. This in turn increases the motor traffic crossing Lambeth's important LCN+3 cycle route, which diminishes its appeal and its safety, contrary to Lambeth's aims.
      c) Making streets one-way tends to increase the speed of traffic on those streets. Given that Wyvil Primary School is on Wyvil Street, this is a particular threat here.
      d) There is no mention of a cycle contra-flow, further reducing the cycle friendliness of this Wyvil Road.

      We propose that Miles Street remains as it is and that a similar bollard type filtered permeability is introduced in Wyvil Road In order to reduce the motor traffic heading through the back-streets to Sainsburys' and related developments; make Wyvil School much safer for pupils and more active travel friendly; and avoid increasing motor traffic on Fentiman Road, crossing LCN+3.

      These bollards could be put outside Gilbert House which allows motor traffic using Luscombe Way to do from Wandsworth Road. There are good turning points available in Wyvil Road for delivery traffic entering from Wandsworth Road or South Lambeth Road.

      2. We strongly believe that measures must be put in place to reduce rat running from Wandsworth Road to South Lambeth Road via Thorncroft Street and Thorne Road.

      Thorne Road is part of LCN+3 and suffers from greater motor traffic than there should be on a dedicated cycle route in residential back-street. Given the plans to increase the size of Sainsburys' retail and residential size, plus other developments, action must be taken now to avoid rat-running here. We propose a `No Left Turn – Except Cyclists' sign is put up on Hartington Road to prevent motor traffic turning intoThorne Road.

      3. Wheatsheaf Lane
      This is clearly a desire line for some cyclists, and wide enough to permit a certain volume of cyclists to use. The present gates by the green are clearly circumvented by riding on the grass. We propose that cycling is facilitated here, perhaps with the use of rumble strips, caution notices and enforcement against `wanton and reckless cycling' to reduce speed. It would be advisable for TfL to improve conditions for cyclists on South Lambeth Road leading commuter cyclists to use it instead.

      4. Wandsworth Lane outside Sainsburys. The road markings showing where road users should position themselves to enter Wyvil Road or Sainsburys' parking should be refreshed to avoid the risk of a head on collision by a road user moving towards the middle of the lane too early.

      (We would like to have a cycle exit from Sainsburys at the entrance to the parking, but as this is to be rebuilt, ask that such consideration is built into the new planning consent).

      5. Teversham Lane should be made two-way for cyclists.

      6. J'n of Lansdowne Way and Binfield Road. We support the kerb build out to square up the t-junction. Please can the build out be repeated on the other side of the east side of the junction.

      7. Corner of Binfield Road by the alley to Lansdowne Gdns. The existing emergency vehicle openable gate should be replaced with a shorter one or bollards (including Fire Brigade removeable) allowing cycles to access this wide alley without broaching the pavement.

      8. Luscombe Way Dropped kerbs should be added to the kerbs at the end of the alleyways from Wheatsheaf Lane and from Wilcox Road. The present barrier railings on one of the alleys to Wilcox Road should be replaced with bollards.

      9. Sheffield Stands are needed by any retail/service location unless there is equivalent quality informal parking. In particular, we recommend several stands at the southern end of Guildford Road opposite the pub there; Sheffield stands on Thorne Road (LCN+3), and maybe a fietshanger, by the houses with cast iron railings and stepped access; realigning the stands at the south end of Hartington Road to make accessing both sides easier. Stands at the southend of Teversham Lane by the corner shop; outside Wyvil and Herbert Morrison schools.

      10. Lansdowne Way. Lambeth Council needs to consider whether this should continue to be a rat-run for private motor traffic between Wandsworth Road and South Lambeth Road. It may be better to keep this for buses and entrance/exit from the back-streets, with through motor traffic using Union Road, if not staying on A-roads.

      Should the decision be made to retain through motor traffic, greater cycle-friendly traffic calming may be needed.

      11. Wandsworth Road. The 20mph limit should be applied to this road as well as the roads marked.

      12. We support the 20mph limit on all the marked roads, the sinusoidal humps, Legible London Liths, Cycle Hire racks and cycle parking, pedestrian crossing by Fentiman Road, bins and trees.
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