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FW: [S.Cyclists] Herne Hill reopens Friday..

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  • Che Sutherland
    Update on Herne Hill Velodrome, just over the border... ... From: southwarkcyclists@yahoogroups.com [mailto:southwarkcyclists@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2005
      Update on Herne Hill Velodrome, just over the border...

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      Subject: [S.Cyclists] 104.4 tonight. Decathlon class. Afterworker. HH
      reopens Friday..

      ....and below is a sudden Friends of the Velodrome note about this
      Friday's opening and events there. Great news...but I've no idea why
      they chose Friday rather than Saturday. Very odd. I've just spoken to
      Simon Lillistone at British Cycling. There's drinks there at 12.30pm
      for those involved in reopening the place then racing etc from 1pm.
      All a bit vague so far. Just turn up if you can.


      07905 889 005


      Dear Supporter

      You have no doubt by now heard the wonderful news that Herne Hill
      Velodrome is re-opening on 5th August 2005. An announcement from
      British Cycling is set out below.

      To mark the event, there will be an afternoon of competitive events.
      Full details can be obtained from Simon Lillistone at British
      Cycling: simonlillistone@....

      There is still much hard work to do at Herne Hill, and important
      questions to resolve, e.g.:

      · Whether the proposed commercial leisure
      development by Citygrove Securities plc is to proceed.
      · Whether the climbing wall proposed by London
      Velodrome Trust is to proceed.

      · The use of the ecology area: park, car-park,
      mountain bike trail etc.

      · Lighting of the track.

      · Development of complementary fitness facilities.

      · Location, scale and design of stand and club-
      house, now that existing stand has been condemned.

      · Role of Velodrome as a community facility for
      recreational cycling, cycling education etc.

      There are also important process issues such as the role of the local
      residents associations and other stakeholders in the regeneration of
      the site.

      I would be interested in hearing your views as to the establishment
      of a stakeholders' forum or other consultative process to ensure an
      ongoing dialogue between all interested parties as plans are

      For now, we should savour the moment. I want to tell you that a
      number of local people have worked very hard to keep this issue
      alive, and thanks are due in particular to Graeme Geddes, Geeta
      Manglani, Andy Sutch, Gavin Partington, Andy Savell, Catherine Holmes
      and Polly Twisk for their role in achieving this result, and to Val
      Shawcross, who went way beyond the call of her duty as our GLA member
      to ensure that the history of this great site continues.


      Philip Kolvin

      Announcement by Dulwich Estate and British Cycling

      The Dulwich Estate and British Cycling are delighted to announce that
      Herne Hill Velodrome is re-opening on the 5th of August after
      agreeing an interim lease for 3 years. British Cycling is working
      with local clubs to establish, in the longer term, a thriving
      community club at the heart of Herne Hill as well as ensuring that
      the Olympic Talent Team squads, from which the UK's 2012 podium
      athletes are beginning to emerge, can get essential access to the
      track for training and events. The Velo Club de Londres, which has
      long-standing affinity with Herne Hill and was formed with its base
      at the Velodrome many years ago, has agreed to work in partnership
      with British Cycling to operate the site.

      To mark the occasion, there will be an opening ceremony at Herne Hill
      on Friday 5th August 2005 from 1 pm, followed by competitive events
      involving many of London and the South East's future stars.

      It is also hoped that Bradley Wiggins, triple Olympic medallist from
      the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, who spent many of his formative
      cycling years racing and training on "The Hill" will be in attendance.

      I hope you will be able to attend this event to mark the beginning of
      the plan to secure the future of this historic venue, which is key to
      our strategy for Cycling in London and the South East.

      Kindest regards

      Peter King

      Chief Executive, British Cycling

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