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Meeting notes for 21st June 2005

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    Hi Folks Notes for the June 21st meeting below. Regards Philip Philip Loy Borough Coordinator for Lambeth Cyclists http://www.lambethcyclists.org.uk/ ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2005
      Hi Folks

      Notes for the June 21st meeting below.


      Philip Loy
      Borough Coordinator for Lambeth Cyclists



      Meeting notes for 21st June 2005

      Present: Anthony Gilmour; Ben Bowskill; Bryn Lockwood; Ch� Sutherland; Clare
      Neely; Ian Callaghan; Ike Pentecost; Jeremy Rickard; Jon Creighton; Lamont�
      Johnson; Mark Knox; Nigel Haselden; Philip Loy.
      Apologies: Janet Paske; Tessa Wright; Luke Evans; Olivia Christophersen.

      1. BIKE WEEK

      Brief feedback on rides were given. All who led rides were thanked for
      making Bike Week a success. Feedback on the �BikeFest� event in Trafalgar
      Square on Sunday was also noted for feedback to Transport for London.

      Action: Philip to circulate brief questionnaire to Bike Week ride leaders to
      get feedback on rides


      Funding for a cycle maintenance workshop project through TfL�s community
      grants cycle promotion scheme was being progressed. Feedback had been sought
      from the e-mail group on the project and a final draft of the application
      was being finalised by Janet for submission in July. Once funding was
      confirmed, the workshops would be announced.


      Ian Callaghan, a teacher at the above school, attended the meeting to
      discuss the possibility of Lambeth Cyclists being involved with the school.
      He was keen to start a bike project that possibly involved cycle training,
      rides, and maintenance workshops. In summary:

      - Present cycle parking provision was poor.
      - Brixton Cycles had been contacted who had provided some accessories.
      - The school would match fund any funding raised elsewhere.
      - The importance of getting parents on board was noted.

      Action: Ch� to look into possibilities for project funding.
      Philip to ascertain possibilities for the school with Lambeth Transport.


      Lamont� Johnson, a designer originally from the US, attended the meeting to
      introduce the Brixton Bicycle Art project. This was a series of workshops
      for young people (aged 15 to 19 years), based in Myatts Fields Estate, that
      taught them to renovate old bikes and used the creative abilities of the
      participants to decorate them with their designs. The aim was to provide a
      positive activity for young people and steer them away from crime, and to
      teach entrepreneurship. The project also involved Dr Bike sessions for bike

      The project involved Cycle Training (UK) Ltd and community liaison Met
      Police officers, and had some support from Lambeth Council.

      Possible future projects Lamont� was considering was recycling of clothing,
      and bike clothing for women.

      Action: Lambeth Cyclists would keep in touch with the project for possible
      joint ventures in the future. (Philip to attend project open day on 2nd


      A pilot family ride was discussed with Nigel that would possibly be within
      Clapham Common or go to Kennington Park. This was to initiate a structured
      cycle training regime with the three schools Nigel was involved with.

      Action: Ch�/ Philip arrange meeting with Lambeth Schools Travel Plan officer
      and possibly CTUK.


      The popular annual festival in Brockwell Park was Saturday 16th and Sunday
      17th July. Lambeth Cyclists would have a stall in the societies section.

      Volunteers were sought for an hour or so between 12 noon and 5pm approx. on
      each day to be at the stall to talk to people about cycling and the LCC.
      More volunteers would be sought via the e-mail group.

      7. RIDES

      Forthcoming Architecture Rides:

      - Saturday 9th July: The Weald of Kent with Benny O'Looney
      - Saturday 20th August: John Nash summer picnic ride
      - Saturday 24th September: Contemporary architecture ride led by Peter

      Action: Janet to forward ride details for web, newsletter, magazine, etc.


      Next meeting: Tuesday 19th July 2005
      8.30pm to 9.45pm
      Upstairs meeting room
      Bread & Roses pub
      68 Clapham Manor St
      London SW4

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