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FW: [Lambeth_Cyclists] Tooting Common

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  • Gilmour Anthony
    The meeting on 10 May which Carolyn Serter mentions below is the annual public meeting of the Tooting Common Management Advisory Committee. Please note that
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2005
      The meeting on 10 May which Carolyn Serter mentions below is the annual
      public meeting of the Tooting Common Management Advisory Committee.
      Please note that the entrance to St Anselm's School Hall is in
      Louisville Road, near Tooting Beck tube station, (and NOT near Cricklade
      Avenue, which I think is in Streatham - I hope that no notice misdirects
      people to Cricklade Avenue).

      There will be reports for the past year from one or two Wandsworth
      Council officers dealing with the Tooting Commons; and from the
      Secretary (the present one is Mike Squires, who happens to be a member
      of Wandsworth Cyclists) and from the present chair (that is, me). There
      will follow some discussion of those reports and of wider issues. There
      will be some mention of cycling and the proposed cycle tracks, but it is
      hard to say how much. However, we are waiting for the Secretary of
      State to re-determine (confirm or turn down) Wandsworth Council's
      proposed cycle track orders for the Tooting Commons and Wandsworth

      The general discussion will be followed by the election of the members
      of the MAC for the coming year, a total of 24. Those can be local
      residents, or representatives of local societies or sports clubs.
      (There will now be no separate allotment of numbers in those different

      There is no particular reason why Lambeth Cyclists should not have a
      representative. (I have been on the committee for the last two years as
      a local resident. My policy has been to try to stop the committee being
      used as a vehicle for people's personal agendas against cycling; rather
      than to try to use it as a forum to further my own aims on the issue,
      because I believe that it is the wrong forum for that.)

      It is important that some more local cyclists should take an interest.
      Otherwise ordinary commensense views about the place of cycling on the
      commons are swamped by the unreason and prejudice of the lobby who think
      that cycling and walking cannot mix, that cyclists can jolly well go the
      long way round, and so on, and who do not understand the strong public
      policy reasons for encouraging cycling.

      If anyone on this list lives near or uses the commons, please come along
      if you can, particularly if you are interested in the wider questions
      about the management of the commons. (For instance, should we manage
      for biodiversity or, on the other hand, for safety?)

      Finally, to get onto the committee, which meets about every six weeks,
      you probably need only put your name forward at the meeting. It is
      unlikely that there will be as many takers as 24, sad to say.

      Anthony Gilmour.

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      As I cycled across T/C I saw a notice about a meeting on how we want the
      common to develop... on 10th May at 7.30pm at St Anselm's Church Hall.
      Cricklade Ave. Is anyone likely to go to see if cycling paths are on the
      agenda in view of the recent ban on cycling, I am unable to make it.

      Carolyn Serter

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