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Next meeting: Tuesday 26th March 2002

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    Friends You are invited to come along to the next Lambeth Cyclists meeting: Tuesday 26th March at 8.30 pm Upstairs meeting room Bread & Roses pub 68 Clapham
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2002
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      You are invited to come along to the next Lambeth Cyclists meeting:

      Tuesday 26th March at 8.30 pm
      Upstairs meeting room
      Bread & Roses pub
      68 Clapham Manor Street
      London SW4

      Two important issues will be raised at the meeting: The latest (not very
      cycle-friendly) proposals for Vauxhall Cross, and an update on the Lambeth
      Cyclists Annual General Meeting coming up on 23rd April.

      = Vauxhall Cross =

      The current works and development proposals have generated a lot of
      correspondence to Lambeth Cyclists, Lambeth Council, and Transport for
      London. These have mostly been about the present chaos and the apparent lack
      of provision for safer cycling routes in the future plans.

      The scheme is managed by Transport for London, a body accountable to the
      Greater London Authority (GLA) and chaired by the Mayor, Ken Livingstone.
      Should you have concerns about this area, we strongly urge you to take this
      up in the first instance with Valerie Shawcross, GLA Assembly Member for
      Lambeth and Southwark, and Jenny Jones, Green Party GLA Assembly Member.

      We have received news that Jenny Jones has been appointed by the Mayor as
      the first ever �Road Safety Ambassador�, with a remit to reduce the number
      of road traffic casualties over the next few years.

      Contact for Valerie Shawcross:
      Tel: 020 7983 4407
      E-mail: valerie.shawcross@...

      Contact for Jenny Jones:
      E-mail: jenny.jones@...
      Tel: 020 7983 4358 (for Jenny Jones�s PA � George Raszka, e-mail:

      Both Assembly Members are based at the following address:

      Romney House
      Marsham Street
      SW1P 3PY


      = Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 23rd April 2002 =

      With the local elections looming on Thursday 2nd May, Lambeth Cyclists will
      be holding a Question Time session with representatives of all the political
      parties standing in Lambeth.

      You are invited to come along to the debate and also to submit questions
      prior to the meeting. If you wish to submit a question, please bring them
      along to the above meeting, or if you can�t make it either e-mail to


      or post to:

      Lambeth Cyclists
      c/o The London Cycling Campaign
      Unit 228
      30 Great Guildford Street
      SE1 0HS

      Questions should be submitted by Friday 12th April 2002.

      Got a little spare time? It�s never too early to consider playing a more
      active role in cycle campaigning, and the committee posts of Lambeth
      Cyclists will be up for election on 23rd April. Actual time commitment is
      not nearly as much as you might think, and you�ll have the satisfaction of
      knowing that you�re helping in the voice of cyclists being heard in Lambeth
      and London generally.

      Posts for election are:

      (Mandatory Posts)

      - Borough Coordinator
      - Treasurer

      (Non-mandatory Coordinating Posts)

      - Rides and Social Events
      - Newsletter/ Publicity/ External Affairs
      - Projects and Bike Events
      - Council Liaison

      Some posts may be non-mandatory, but all are essential. Experience is not
      essential however, but enthusiasm and a sense of fun is!

      Cycle safely!

      Philip Loy
      Borough Coordinator for Lambeth Cyclists

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