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Cycle Route Development

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  • Lambeth Cyclists
    Dear Friends IMPROVING CYCLE ROUTES You may be aware that there is currently a programme of works to improve and upgrade the London Cycle Network (LCN+)
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2004
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      Dear Friends

      You may be aware that there is currently a programme of works to improve and
      upgrade the London Cycle Network (LCN+) throughout London.

      Transport for London (TfL), as the highway authority for Greater London,
      together with Camden Consultancy Services, are responsible for overseeing
      development of these �strategic� cycle routes. Much of the blue routes you
      see on the London Cycle Guide maps are these strategic routes, rather than
      local borough routes.

      However, each borough is responsible for coordinating their section of the
      LCN+ network, and TfL has set guidelines on how this is to be done. The
      process has to involve local �stakeholders� so that they have an input into
      what is required to make each cycle route safer and generally better for
      cyclists. One of those stakeholders is the London Cycling Campaign in the
      form of Lambeth Cyclists as the local group.

      London Cycle Network website:

      ROUTE 25
      The first route in Lambeth to be assessed in this way is Route 25, which
      mostly runs from Clapham Common, through the Clapham Park area, through
      Brixton, Brockwell Park/ Herne Hill, then on into Dulwich.

      The precise route will be subject to review, but will nominally be: Cedars
      Road; Clapham Common; Windmill Drive; Narbonne Avenue; Elms Crescent; Lyham
      Road; Mandrell Road; Lambert Road; Brixton Water Lane (crossing Brixton
      Hill); Dulwich Road or Brockwell Park (two route options); Norwood Road; and
      Rosendale Road.

      On 17th November there will be a meeting and site visit with Lambeth
      Council, the appointed consultants, and stakeholders to inspect the route
      and discuss what measures might be needed on the ground to make this route
      more suitable for cyclists.

      We would like to hear your views on the route outlined above and what you
      think is required to make it safer and generally better for cyclists. We�re
      especially interested in hearing from people with particular needs. For

      - What is the route like for carrying young children on a bike?
      - Are there any issues to be raised with regard to people with physical
      - Are there any personal security issues in any areas, especially at night?

      If you wish, you can use the questionnaire below, or you can simply reply to
      this e-mail (lambeth_cyclists@...) to give us an idea of what you
      think is needed.

      Alternatively you could also come along to our own route inspection that
      we�re holding on Saturday 20th November. Meet: 10.30am, Corner of Cedars
      Road and Wandsworth Road (opposite Sainsbury�s). The ride will follow the
      route outlined above and will finish at a caf� in Herne Hill, probably
      taking a couple of hours. Contact: Mark. Tel: 07765 945530 (mobile).

      Your comments will be used when we make our recommendations on what sort of
      highway measures are required.

      Possible measures for consideration might be traffic calming for roads that
      have a problem with speeding vehicles, or better signage and road markings
      to make drivers aware of cyclists, or installation of toucan lights, etc.

      Not all of this may be required or possible, but as a user of the roads
      above your input will be invaluable in trying to get the measures we want.
      If you just use part of the route, that�s fine, but do please let us know of
      whatever issues you think there are on the route.

      Thank you.

      Philip Loy
      Borough Coordinator for Lambeth Cyclists


      You can simply �reply� to this e-mail and fill in the sections, or if you
      prefer to print and post, please send to: Lambeth Cyclists, c/o London
      Cycling Campaign, 30 Great Guildford Street, London SE1 0HS.


      (We won�t use your name unless you say it�s okay, but it�s useful for our

      1. Please give your general views of having a signed cycle route along the
      route along the streets mentioned above. Do you think this a good route to
      make cycling improvements on?

      2. What do you think are the main advantages of this cycle route?

      3. What do you think are the main problems or disadvantages of this cycle

      4. What else might this route need to make it a good route for cyclists?

      5. Please indicate how use the route and how often:

      Pedestrian Cyclist Driver

      How often? How often? How often?

      6. What do you use this route, or part of this route, for? (E.g. going to
      work, shopping, taking children to school, etc.)

      Thank you very much for your time in completing this questionnaire. Please
      return by Wednesday 24th November 2004.


      Lambeth Cyclists are located on the web at:
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