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Next Sundays Flood ride

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  • Barry Mason
    Water water everywhere Noah... To Exmouth Market last night to see these lovely images...but where s 5? St Pauls/RNC?:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1 12:11 AM
      Water water everywhere Noah...

      To Exmouth Market last night to see these lovely images...but where's 5?
      St Pauls/RNC?:

      We've 2 by 2 fine very different rides this Sunday.

      Hugh, Pamela, and Camilla plus 2 LFA volunteers are helping on the MP's
      bike ride.

      I'm leading the LIFT ride and be at the start from 9.30am and we've 4
      helpers on that too but if you turn up and are recognised I might
      recruit you too.

      The LIFT website is down right now being updated but make sure you get
      hold of the Thames map we've done. Lovely.

      See you there.

      07905 889 005
      tomorrow: Back Gardens
      Friday: Public Realm
      Saturday: 100 Squares


      Sunday 6 July: London Festival of Architecture ride: Public Space in
      Politics. Emily Thornberry MP on public spaces and political protest.
      Meet 2pm. Cumberland Gate. North-east corner. Hyde Park. Ends 5.30pm.
      Streetmap reference Barry. 07905 889 005

      Sunday 6 July: The London Flood Plain Ride. Which we've created for the
      London International Festival of Theatre whose key theme this year is
      climate change. There'll be regular stops for quick talks from experts
      about the London flood defences and related watery things. Make sure you
      get hold of a copy of the very special map LIFT/Southwark Cyclists have
      created for the day and after. More detail here. Bike mechaniking from
      10am onwards and 10.30am ride start here at The LIFT festival hub at the
      Festival Hall on Belvedere Road.

      Very very approximate ride stop times are:
      11.30: Royal Naval College, Greenwich
      12.15pm: Woolwich Flood Barrier cafe - and talk
      12.45pm: the Woolwich Free Ferry cruise
      1.15pm: North Barrier Park cafe lunch
      2pm: Lea bridge
      2.30pm: Island Gardens (and the Greenwich Foot Tunnel)
      3pm: The Wapping Project for tea
      4pm: Back at The Lift, Festival Hall

      Barry 07905 889 005
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