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  • Hi all, I have compiled a lexicon of the Quenya corpus from PE17 here: http://lambenore.free.fr/downloads/NQL_PE17.pdf Cordially, David Giraudeau
    davidkiks@... Sep 1, 2014
  • I also noticed such similarities in this (French) study: http://lambenore.free.fr/telechargements/langrelext.pdf showing relations with Gothic, Finnish, Latin, Greek, Proto-Indo-European in both structure and meaning, despite Edward's assertion. In my list of Q(u)enya words in Parma Eldalamberon #21 (http://lambenore.free.fr/downloads/NQL_PE21.pdf), compared _*caima_ 'bed' (PE21:17...
    davidkiks@... Dec 14, 2013
  • I have compiled a list of the Quenya corpus found in _Parma Eldalamberon_ 21: http://lambenore.free.fr/downloads/NQL_PE21.pdf -- David Giraudeau
    davidkiks@... Nov 24, 2013
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  • I made an English translation of my (French) study of Edouard Klozcko's latest book, "Le haut elfique pour les débutants" (Eng. "High Elvish for Beginners"). It is available here: http://lambenore.free.fr/downloads/HED_eng.pdf Cordially, David Giraudeau
    David Giraudeau May 25, 2013
  • Hello, here is a list of PE12 changes between 2nd printing (2003) and revised 3rd printing (2011) : http://lambenore.free.fr/downloads/PE12_changes.pdf Cordially, David
    David Giraudeau May 8, 2012
  • Hello, here are some possible errors in PE17 : PE17:5 both published and in the >> both published in the PE17:18 distinguised >> distinguished PE17:23 Etymogies >> Etymologies PE17:25 a Qenya word [could it be "Quenya" instead ?] PE17:34 The sheet sheet >> The sheet PE17:146 Etym. AM- 'up' >> Etym. AM²- 'up' PE17:164 and older variant of Eldamar >> an older variant of Eldamar PE17...
    David Giraudeau Aug 18, 2011
  • Here is an essay on the global theory of E.J. Kloczko concerning J.R.R. Tolkien's invented languages and his subcreation : http://lambenore.free.fr/downloads/jrrtgt.pdf (in English) http://lambenore.free.fr/telechargements/jrrttg.pdf (in French) I would be very interested by your remarks on both the essay and this theory. Cordially, David Giraudeau
    davidkiks Jan 5, 2010
  • Hello, It seems to me that in VT48 p. 18, there's an error in the editorial note n. 15 : "adj. _exa_ 'other' and noun _exe_ 'the other' (VT42:40 n. 65)" The VT42 has only 38 pages and no editorial note n. 65. I think we must read "(VT47:40 n. 65)" instead. Cordially, David Giraudeau [You are absolutely right. Many thanks for correcting my error! -- PHW]
    davidkiks Feb 17, 2006
  • "Patrick H. Wynne" wrote, regarding the chart of "The earlier generations of the Line of Elros" (UT:210): > ... many these names are readily translatable (e.g. _Manwendil_, > _Aulendil_, _Oromendil_) and present unique linguistic information > (e.g. the name _Vardilmë_ (Tar-Amandil's sister) evidently provides > the feminine form of the common masculine ending _-(n)dil)_, > and...
    Giraudeau David Oct 5, 2005