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1131Omentielva Lempea: Call for Papers

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  • "Beregond, Anders Stenström"
    Apr 3 11:40 AM
      The Fifth International Conference on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Invented
      Languages, Omentielva Lempea, takes place in Helsinki, Finland, on
      8 - 11 August 2013.
      For this conference we call for scholarly papers on all aspects
      of any or all of Tolkien's invented languages, in any or all of
      their conceptual stages.
      The proceedings of the conference will be published in the fifth
      volume of Arda Philology, to appear in 2014. (The fourth volume will
      hopefully appear before Omentielva Lempea.)

      To propose a paper, send an abstract to Beregond, Anders Stenström,
      the Omentielva Secretary. Do not make the abstract too short; a couple
      of hundred words will normally be needed (but it of course depends on
      the complexity of your subject). You do not need to have your
      conclusions all worked out in the proposal, but delineate how you
      intend to reach them. Append a short presentation of yourself (four
      lines or less). Specify which sources you will rely on, and whether
      you will discuss any previous studies.
      We expect the presentation of a paper to take 40 minutes. But we aim
      at a single-thread programme, and so can accommodate papers of
      varying length. Please specify how long you expect to speak, and any
      technical equipment you need. Be prepared for questions and
      discussion at the end of your presentation.
      Copyright or similar considerations may apply. Before publication
      you have to provide a copy of your paper in which all quotation is
      highlighted and the source given.
      Append a short presentation of yourself (four lines or less).

      If you wish to submit a paper but can not attend the conference,
      you may send a paper to be read and discussed. In the latter case,
      state any directions or preferences you may have for the presentation.

      Information about Omentielva Lempea: <www.omentielva.com>

      Send paper proposals, and related enquiries, to: