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1128Slightly off-topic: _VT_ 50 publishing assistance

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Feb 5, 2013
      Please forgive my use of the forum to issue a plea for help in the most efficacious manner I can think of:

      If there are any members of this list in the Maryland (USA) area that would like to assist me with the final production chores of _VT_ 50, please contact me off-list (Aelfwine@...).

      Because the printers I have used for many years have closed their doors, and in order to save some money, I'll once again be printing and producing all copies of _VT_ 50 myself. That means that, after printing, each of c. 450 copies of _VT_ 50 will need to be collated, folded, stapled, trimmed, put into an envelope, sealed, and stamped. And I could sure use some extra hands to form an assembly-line and make the job much quicker.

      I am aiming for doing this on Sat., March 2, and will have all the printing done, and envelopes and postage in hand by then.

      Participants will: 1) get their copy of _VT_ 50 before anyone else, 2) get to see where all the "magic" happens, 3) have a chance to chat with me about Tolkien and his languages (but not unpublished stuff � sorry, most of you will know what happened the LAST time I had a guest come to my house to do that, so that's no longer an option), and 4) the complimentary enjoyment of a cat (if he comes out of hiding) and dog. Refreshments will be provided.

      I can't accommodate but so many people in the space I have, so if I get a flood of responses, I'll have to turn some down. But that's the kind of problem I'd like to have!



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