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1118_Tengwar_ inscription, Bay East Auction, Nov. 27, 2011, Lot 389

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Nov 26, 2011
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      Bay East Auctions' Art & Book Sale, 27 Nov. 2011:


      contains the following Tolkien lot of particular interest to this list:


      Lot 389: <http://bayeastauctions.com.au/lot_details.php?lot=177950#>

      Signed set of _The Lord of the Rings_ with (Nov. 1954?)

      1) _Tengwar_ transliteration of English inscription:

      "With the very best wishes of <J.R.R. Tolkien> I wish that you need not go back "across so wide a sea"."

      2) Tipped-in analysis (1955?) of the _tengwar_ inscription, not in Tolkien's hand, nor apparently by him -- note the misinterpretation of the flourish of the final "s"-_tengwa_ of "wishes" as the "u"-_tengwa_.

      Carl F. Hostetter Aelfwine@... http://www.elvish.org

      ho bios brachys, he de techne makre.
      Ars longa, vita brevis.
      The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne.
      "I wish life was not so short," he thought. "Languages take such
      a time, and so do all the things one wants to know about."