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1106Re: Parma Eldalamberon Issue No. 19 - Announcement

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  • merp@kingtape.se
    Nov 5, 2010
      Hopefully I can�throw a little light on the issue, as I've
      experienced�the problem myself. (I live in Sweden.)

      When�PE 19 was announced, I was at work and followed the link�to
      the PE website. I could access the website, but decided to wait with
      ordering the issue until I got home.

      At home I tried to access the PE website every day during a whole
      week,�but I couldn't connect. I sent Mr. Gilson an email, and he
      kindly replied that my Internet�Service�Provider (ISP)�might be
      the cause of the problem.

      I therefore tried again at work (which uses a different ISP) - and
      it worked! I could connect to the PE website and order the new issue
      via Paypal, as usual.

      However, I did call my ISP to enquire if they are blocking the
      website, but I got the answer that they weren't. They think the
      problem is related to a setting in my software. (But since I tried
      both in IE and Chrome, I'm suspecting there's another problem causing
      the issue...)

      So, in short, if you have trouble accessing the PE website (I've
      heard from various people having this problem), try�with a different
      computer, with a different ISP or other internet settings.


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