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1063HW in Thror's map

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  • Diego Seguí
    Sep 18, 2008
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      Probably someone here can help me with this:

      The runes in Thrór's map have 'wh' for 'hw' in 'when', Tolkien following a regular usage in writing Anglo-Saxon runes (noted e.g. by D. Anderson in his Annotated Hobbit, p. 97); that is, it says 'hwen the thrush knocks'. Now, the same map in standard Spanish editions (Minotauro, 1982-), where the runes have not been translated, has 'when', even though the transcription in the first page says 'hwen' again. (The map itself has been redrawn and translated, and the runes seem to have been copied very carefully.)

      The question is: was there ever any map in English editions that had 'when' instead of 'hwen' and that may have served as a model for the Spanish map, or should this change be ascribed to the person who copied it?

      Thanks a lot,

      Diego Seguí
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