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547Be a Staff Member at Spring Camporee!

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  • Matt
    Mar 23, 2011
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      My name is Matt Johnson, and I am the 2011 Lakota Chapter Vice Chief. On the weekend of April 8-10, Lakota Chapter will provide Arrowmen to help at the campfire and other events throughout the weekend. I encourage you to help out at this fun event. If you have not participated in an event with the Chapter, this is a fun and easy way to re-involve yourself with the Chapter and join us on even more fun events! If you would like to help, please replay to me (be sure not to click "Reply All") at:

      Also if you are a member of our Facebook group please go to the page and RSVP to "Staff at Camporee" under the "Events" tab. Its the only event there so you can't miss it!

      Yours in Scouting
      Matt Johnson