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ideas from the meeting

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  • pkultge@aol.com
    Here are a couple of basic suggestions. 1. Divide up into two fleets, A&B.? Each sailor declares their fleet.? The A fleet sailors (the serious ones) agree to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2009
      Here are a couple of basic suggestions.
      1. Divide up into two fleets, A&B.  Each sailor declares their fleet.  The A fleet sailors (the serious ones) agree to be governed in the races by the United States Sailing Association rules (the law book).  They will have to come up with some method of handling protests.  The B fleet sailors agree to be governed by the basic right of way rules, which are in the first part of the USSA rule book,which mirrors Texas law and the Coast Guard inland waterway rules of the road.
      This group of right of way rules is much less complicated.
      2. Continue to score races based on the generalized US average PHRF ratings.  There really is no other rating system that will work.  The other basic system (Portsmouth) will not have listings for a lot of our boats.  If the A fleet guys want to put in all the different modifications for sail inventory, wind speeds, etc., let them fight it out on modifications.  The B fleet bunch will probably be quite happy with the basic numbers.
      3. Adopt a single time start (every one at once).  This will eliminate having to keep up with actual versus scheduled start times.  As we have no on lake race committee, everyone is still on the honor system to keep up with their finish times.  I know the idea was to keep from bunching up at the start and have everyone finish about the same time.  It doesn't happen and this will keep crowding at a mark (more dangerous than the start where everyone is going in the same direction) from being an issue.  It also eliminates the problem of having boats with later starts sort of being in the way of those starting.
      4. If the organizers so choose, the A fleet could sail around buoys while the B fleet does something else that might be more fun (potato races or something).
      5. The above suggestions will allow the competitive racers to have a full schedule while allowing those who just want to have fun an alternative while preserving the monthly feeds and not setting up a double schedule.
      6. Other activities can also be scheduled by the club without the sort of mandatory participation schedule.

      Thanks for listening and please forward this to the group for thought.

      Peter Kultgen
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