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John LAKE in Hunterdon Co, NJ, Revisited

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  • Marshall Lake
    A while ago I sent out a listing of various factoids concerning John LAKE in or near Hunterdon County, NJ occuring around the end of the 18th century and the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2001
      A while ago I sent out a listing of various factoids concerning John LAKE
      in or near Hunterdon County, NJ occuring around the end of the 18th
      century and the beginning of the 19th century. I'm attempting to group
      all the different John LAKEs facts together. Below are corrections and
      updates made through further research and from the one (1 !) response I

      Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but it appears that there are at
      least eight different John LAKEs who lived in the area at that time
      period. Could this be?

      I'm open to any and all feedback. I'm sure there are mistakes below. Is
      the list presented in an understandable and proper manner?

      Question ... has anyone ever seen a will for the John LAKE who died 3 May
      1849 or the John LAKE who died 22 Oct 1851 ? What would account for there
      not being any indication as to a will or at least an inventory?

      Death Record in Hunterdon Co, NJ from 1 Jun 1883 to 1 Jun 1884:
      (1) John Lake, married, age 78, farmer, died in Bethlehem, cause of
      death unknown

      (2) John C Lake was a Justice in Hunterdon Co in 1860, 1865, 1871,
      and 1876.

      (3) John Lake was a coroner in Hunterdon Co in 1813.

      (3) Commissioners to take acknowledgement and proof of deed in Hunterdon
      Co ... John Lake 1821, 1827, 1831.

      (3) John Lake, a freeholder in Bethlehem Twp, Hunterdon Co in 1825-26,
      died 16 Apr 1854, aged 78.

      (3) John Lake, 4 Feb 1837, elected as one of 7 trustees in the creation
      of the Musconetcong Valley Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem Twp,
      Hunterdon Co.

      (4) John Lake listed on Tax Ratables for Alexandria Twp in 1803 (on
      line following Zenas Lake).

      (4) John Lake referred to as "late of the Township of Tinicum" [it's
      in Bucks County, PA, across the river] in an administrator's bond
      filed 14 April 1808 and signed by Zenes [sic] Lake. In Docket
      #03731, Office of the Surrogate, Hunterdon County Hall of Records.
      Record shows a payment to "Zenus" Lake and also apparently mentions a
      Reuben Lake. [Both Zenas and Reuben apparently being sons of John.]

      (4) John Lake of Alexandria Twp, inventory 1808

      (5) John Lake of Amwell Twp, inventory 1809

      (3) John Lake, will 1855

      (7) John Lake, 1830 census, Amwell Twp, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 20-30, 1 male
      50-60, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 50-60

      (3) John Lake married Abigail Kase 1790-1800

      (6) John Lake, a private in the Revolutionary War married Mary ------

      (3) John Lake, clerk in Bethlehem Twp 1822-1834

      (3) John Lake, constable in Bethlehem Twp in 1822

      Member of Bethlehem town committee:
      (3) John Lake, 1835
      (2) John C Lake, 1866-68

      John Sine, Sr in his will dated 23 Jan 1797 and proved 5 Feb 1799
      in Amwell Twp names grandson John Lake

      John Lake married Anna Dilts at the Kingwood Baptist Church on 23
      Nov 1802

      Revolutionary Census:
      John Lake of Alexandria Twp
      John Lake of Holland Twp
      John Lake (son of Thomas) of Kingwood Twp

      John Lake appears in Captian Hunn's regiment of Morris Co during
      the Revolutionary War

      (3) Hannah Lake of Bethlehem Twp in will of 1827 names brother, John Lake

      (7) John Lake, buried in Lower Amwell Graveyard, died 3 May 1849,
      aged 73-2-8

      (3) Jonathan & Margaret Robins deed land in Bethlehem Twp to John Lake
      1 Dec 1831

      (3) Abraham Lake of Bethlehem Twp (spouse of Elizabeth ------), died
      Apr 1796 had a son John

      John Lake, Kingwood Twp, May 1778
      John Lake, Kingwood Twp, Jan & Feb 1780
      John Lake, Amwell Twp, Jan & Feb 1780
      John Lake, Amwell Twp, June 1780

      John C Lake with an office in Junction, NJ was a Justice in 1806

      John Lake was born 26 Jan 1775

      (8) John Lake Jr died 22 Oct 1851, aged 62-7-2

      Marshall Lake - mlake@... - http://melake.erols.com
      LAKE (Pa/NY/NJ) KILLE (NY/Germany) THAYNE (Pa/Ireland) LINABERRY (Pa/NJ)
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