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  • Lake_and_Stanton_Family_Genealogy@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 1, 2013
      Family Rule
      We are adult here.We should be able to behave our self here.We are family.But we all have differance values,Beliefs.Some was born in to the family some was marry in to the Family and some are adopt into the family.Some of us are Step family,inlaw.And we all have difference opions.And we all don't get along all the time.LOL!!!

      But here is some rule just in case!!
      1.Respect each other Here!!!
      2. NO Back biting!!!
      3.Take all fight off the group!!! ( That mean if you have something to say somebody is not nice.Do it off the list!!!)That also any hinting round.
      4. If you do have a problem with a family member. Please contact me.I will handle it. But please remember I am human!
      5. be nice!!!
      6. There is No!!! Spamming Here!!!!!NO!! Advistment here !!!!!!
      7.Please don't over post here!!!!.I know some of us can get carry a way. Choose what you post here. Just don't post any thing on.

      This will repeat it self every month. Just for a remind!!! Thank you, Linda
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