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This Saturday: Ultra-Ultra's Big Bang Theory, the beginning of all things lesbo (Karma)

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  • Austin Club Skirt
    (Passing this on for Foodies) Got nothin on your calendar next Saturday night? Scribble in Big Bang Theory, a dance party at Karma (8th/Colorado), October 1,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2005
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      (Passing this on for Foodies)

      Got nothin' on your calendar next Saturday night?
      Scribble in Big Bang Theory, a dance party at Karma
      (8th/Colorado), October 1, 10pm - 3am*. Va-room baby.

      Join the ladies for a night of bump n grind; 70's
      disco; 80's new wave and a dash of electroclash. Yeah,
      babies. Go-go dancers don a variety of costumes and
      there'll be so much eye candy you'll get a toothache.
      C'mere wee one, there's someone out there to help you
      with the pain. Ahh, yay-ahhh.

      Karma and the Karma staff rock. R-O-C-K! Go to
      karmadashaustindotcom and check out Karma's cool
      layout. Click on a room, yeah do it. They're way past

      Is that Jackie O. shag dancing in the shag room? Warm
      leatherette on the giant bed? Daisy Dukes ala lezzie
      style saying some prayers in the candle room? A
      mermaid in the human aquarium? Why I think you better
      come this Saturday night and find out for yourself.

      Bought a pass or ticket to aGLIFF and going to the
      Foodies/Wolfe Video sponsored UNVEILED, Saturday,
      October 1, 7:15 at Arbor? Perrrfect. Watch the flick
      then afterwards hit Big Bang Theory. I'm introducing
      and watching UNVEILED then heading down to Karma at

      Bring a crisp 10 dollar bill and the fabulous and sexy
      Big Bang greeters will gladly take your money as they
      flirt their cleavages off and welcome you to a night
      of hot hot hot hot hot steamy-ass fun.


      *Experience an after-glow at the 2am - 3am after-party
      with some Red Bull and Voss H20. Driving home safely
      with yo honey. Good times.

      email beatsagogo@... to get on the list or if you
      have any questions. Also, go to craigslist to find out more.

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