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ONE NIGHT. LOTS OF LAUGHS. Austin needs a laugh, right? Fwd: Healing After the Storm:Share an Evening with Out Youth

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  • Austin Club Skirt
    LAUGH OUT PROUD (A night of comedy in Austin) 8 pm, Oct. 15 Dell Jewish Community Center (off Far West Blvd.) *Great space with tons of parking.* Hey all ... I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2005
      (A night of comedy in Austin)
      8 pm, Oct. 15
      Dell Jewish
      Community Center
      (off Far West Blvd.)
      *Great space with tons of parking.*

      Hey all ... I think we could use a good laugh about
      now ... with everything that's going on in the world.
      But the good news is the annual (and oft requested)
      LAUGH OUT PROUD is just around the corner. We should
      all show up to laugh together (maybe a room full of
      laughter might heal the world just a little bit). It
      will definitely go a long way to help support the
      young people that depend on OUT YOUTH.

      So say nothing, act natural and just make this part of
      your Saturday evening - Oct. 15, to be exact. The rest
      (a healed world and grateful youth) will take care of

      > From: "Out Youth" <Out_Youth@...>
      > To: austinclubskirt@...
      > Subject: Healing After the Storm:Share an Evening
      > with Out Youth
      > Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 20:06:07 +0000
      > Healing After the Storm
      > Share an Evening of Healing Laughter with Out Youth
      > We have watched with wide ranging emotions the
      > effects and aftermath of
      > Hurricane Katrina. At Out Youth, we’ve felt shock
      > and sadness at the
      > scenes of destruction and the lives uprooted. We’ve
      > felt admiration as
      > people everywhere, including so many in our LGBT
      > family, have stepped up
      > to offer assistance in whatever ways we can, as
      > individuals, families,
      > community groups, and organizations. While our
      > resources at OY are
      > limited, we wondered what we might offer the
      > community in the way of
      > relief.
      > Thinking about the incredible efforts underway
      > following Katrina, we can’t
      > help notice that it is this same giving spirit
      > sustaining Out Youth from
      > year to year. Thanks to generous contributions from
      > our community, Out
      > Youth has been privileged to spend the past 15 years
      > supporting our
      > Central Texas youth. We genuinely understand the
      > importance of community
      > in building strength to face adversity. During these
      > years, we’ve also
      > learned about the value of camaraderie and laughter
      > as healing tools. In
      > the spirit of sharing healing laughter and the
      > comfort of our community,
      > we would like to offer a special invitation to join
      > in our annual comedy
      > night, Laugh Out Proud – coming up on Saturday,
      > October 15th.
      > This fantastic evening includes hilarious comedy,
      > an incredible silent
      > auction, and more. Laugh Out Proud raises
      > much-needed funds for Out
      > Youth’s support and development programs serving
      > around 300 youth each
      > year. It provides an opportunity for us to recognize
      > and thank those in
      > this community who selflessly offer their support
      > year after year to Out
      > Youth and make our very existence possible. More
      > than that, it is an
      > opportunity for one evening to lay down the
      > stressors that we’re carrying
      > – whatever they may be – and share a heartfelt laugh
      > with friends who,
      > like us, want to support and uplift the next
      > generation. This year, it
      > also offers a chance for those volunteering in
      > relief efforts to join
      > together for an evening of renewal and healing
      > laughter.
      > If you need a break and want to share a laugh,
      > please join Out Youth and
      > this year’s special guest, Michele Balan, for this
      > amazing evening and let
      > us offer our thanks for your contributions – not
      > only in times like this,
      > but day in and day out whenever you see a need.
      > We’re offering a special
      > “Katrina Relief” ticket price in addition to our
      > standard ticket prices
      > and sponsorship opportunities. Whatever works best
      > for you, please come
      > spend an evening with Out Youth, share in the
      > laughter and hope for the
      > future, gain a sense of renewal and strength to
      > continue the work of
      > helping those in need, wherever and whoever they may
      > be…
      > Please join us for this great night, celebrate the
      > healing power of
      > laughter, and support the next generation at Out
      > Youth!
      > Saturday October 15th, 8:00 p.m.
      > Jewish Community Campus
      > 7300 Hart Lane (Off Far West Blvd.)
      > Click Here to Order Your Tickets or Sponsor the
      > Laughter...
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      > expressed an interest
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